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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Top 50 surnames (total individuals):

Leedom (1,157)
Moore (332)
Cushing (280)
Smith (239)
Jones (218)
Henderson (192)
du Mez (190)
Worrall (183)
Hoopes (177)
Stearns (172)
Steel (170)
Fowler (167)
Ives (161)
Pyott (141)
Staats (139)
Crowell (137)
Gallup (132)
Lubbers (130)
Linsenmeyer (129)
Lewis (127)
Fairfield (123)
Huenink (123)
Long (122)
Thomas (122)
Baker (121)
Pease (120)
Roberts (112)
Rice (104)
Gotham (103)
Wayne (101)
Harwood (99)
Hall (98)
Johnson (98)
Titus (98)
Harris (94)
Bishop (93)
Morgan (88)
Odell (84)
Cooper (82)
Brown (81)
Nace (78)
Kirk (77)
Taylor (77)
Bond (76)
Walton (76)
Atwater (75)
Daggett (75)
Jeanes (74)
Kimball (73)
Leavitt (73)
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