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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 50 of 59

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banes, Ervin  Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12621 Ives-Leedom  
2 Banes, Euphemia  Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I785 Ives-Leedom  
3 Banes, Evan M. D.  Abt 1769Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12620 Ives-Leedom  
4 Banes, Joseph  Abt 1761Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12619 Ives-Leedom  
5 Banes, Letitia  Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12622 Ives-Leedom  
6 Banes, Matthew  1735Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11497 Ives-Leedom  
7 Comly, Robert  12 Apr 1704Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25749 Ives-Leedom  
8 Dubois, Emma C.  4 Feb 1862Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14892 Ives-Leedom  
9 Dubois, Mabel J.  1887Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1226 Ives-Leedom  
10 Harding, Abraham  21 May 1728Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10475 Ives-Leedom  
11 Harding, Grace  10 Nov 1692Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10482 Ives-Leedom  
12 Harding, Henry  29 Dec 1723Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I7091 Ives-Leedom  
13 Harding, Isaac  21 May 1728Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10478 Ives-Leedom  
14 Harding, John  13 Dec 1725Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10477 Ives-Leedom  
15 Harding, Mary  18 Jan 1687Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10481 Ives-Leedom  
16 Harding, Thomas  24 Dec 1686Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10452 Ives-Leedom  
17 Harding, Thomas  3 May 1722Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10473 Ives-Leedom  
18 Hogeland, Abraham  16 Sep 1792Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25501 Ives-Leedom  
19 Hogeland, Derrick Kroesen  26 Apr 1762Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25499 Ives-Leedom  
20 Hogeland, Isaac  16 Sep 1792Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24865 Ives-Leedom  
21 Hogeland, Julia Ann  13 Jun 1823Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25498 Ives-Leedom  
22 Hogeland, William States  7 Oct 1820Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24866 Ives-Leedom  
23 Larzelere, Mary  8 Sep 1772Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25307 Ives-Leedom  
24 Leedom, Alfred H.  11 Sep 1854Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12469 Ives-Leedom  
25 Leedom, Charles Buckman  Abt 1820Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6382 Ives-Leedom  
26 Leedom, Guy R.  29 Oct 1882Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14893 Ives-Leedom  
27 Leedom, Ira Clayton  21 Jan 1871Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12471 Ives-Leedom  
28 Leedom, Jennie Willard  25 Nov 1867Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15178 Ives-Leedom  
29 Leedom, Marian Elizabeth  3 Nov 1913Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18624 Ives-Leedom  
30 Leedom, Marvin Vail  21 Dec 1897Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18614 Ives-Leedom  
31 Leedom, Mary  1815Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6377 Ives-Leedom  
32 Leedom, Percy Elias  12 Sep 1918Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I20386 Ives-Leedom  
33 Leedom, Rebecca  Abt 1823Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6380 Ives-Leedom  
34 Leedom, Sarah B.  20 Jul 1816Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6378 Ives-Leedom  
35 Leedom, Theodore Vancleave  23 Jun 1862Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12470 Ives-Leedom  
36 Leedom, Thomas  3 Mar 1744Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I757 Ives-Leedom  
37 Leedom, Walter Yerkes  7 Jun 1909Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18623 Ives-Leedom  
38 Leedom, William  29 Nov 1741Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I796 Ives-Leedom  
39 Leedom, William  1 Apr 1746Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I223 Ives-Leedom  
40 Lefferts, Henry Tomlinson  1 Sep 1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14696 Ives-Leedom  
41 Lefferts, Rev. Horace Hogeland  23 Apr 1878Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14697 Ives-Leedom  
42 Lefferts, Howard Leedom  8 Oct 1862Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14695 Ives-Leedom  
43 Lefferts, Naomi Jane  24 Aug 1881Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14698 Ives-Leedom  
44 Lefferts, Simon Vanartsdalen  23 Sep 1818Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18537 Ives-Leedom  
45 Naylor, Jane  16 Dec 1694Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19141 Ives-Leedom  
46 Naylor, John  16 Jul 1692Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25735 Ives-Leedom  
47 Naylor, Mary  Abt 1686Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25733 Ives-Leedom  
48 Reed, Sarah  11 Nov 1765Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11972 Ives-Leedom  
49 Ridge, Charles B.  20 Nov 1824Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24562 Ives-Leedom  
50 Staats, Abraham  Abt 1831Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6381 Ives-Leedom  

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Matches 1 to 50 of 82

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Addis, Ann  3 May 1891Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5185 Ives-Leedom  
2 Banes, Matthew  1 Dec 1788Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11497 Ives-Leedom  
3 Biles, Charles  7 Jul 1759Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18779 Ives-Leedom  
4 Biles, Langhorne  11 May 1818Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12082 Ives-Leedom  
5 Bullock, Mary  Bef 20 Sep 1732Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10480 Ives-Leedom  
6 Comly, Mary  4 Mar 1782Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10470 Ives-Leedom  
7 Cutler, Jane  11 Mar 1728Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I23413 Ives-Leedom  
8 Erwin, Annie E.  18 May 1917Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8545 Ives-Leedom  
9 Fenton, Mary Ann  30 Jan 1890Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25502 Ives-Leedom  
10 French, William Tansey  8 Oct 1940Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25954 Ives-Leedom  
11 Halstead, William  25 Feb 1866Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18713 Ives-Leedom  
12 Harding, Abraham  27 Apr 1813Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10475 Ives-Leedom  
13 Harding, John  1728Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10477 Ives-Leedom  
14 Harding, Samuel S.  17 Mar 1871Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12088 Ives-Leedom  
15 Harding, Thomas  12 Sep 1728Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10452 Ives-Leedom  
16 Harding, Thomas  Bef 20 Sep 1732Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10479 Ives-Leedom  
17 Harding, Thomas  24 Aug 1856Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13284 Ives-Leedom  
18 Hicks, Sarah  2 Jun 1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12081 Ives-Leedom  
19 Hogeland, Derrick Kroesen  10 Dec 1837Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25499 Ives-Leedom  
20 Irwin, Sarah  27 Sep 1823Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11498 Ives-Leedom  
21 Jones, Martha  12 May 1792Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I24701 Ives-Leedom  
22 Kline, Harriet  7 Feb 1906Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5196 Ives-Leedom  
23 Larzelere, Mary  27 Oct 1863Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25307 Ives-Leedom  
24 Leedom, Alfred H.  11 Jan 1906Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12469 Ives-Leedom  
25 Leedom, Charles Buckman  Bef 4 May 1868Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6382 Ives-Leedom  
26 Leedom, Elias Howard  11 Nov 1944Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15185 Ives-Leedom  
27 Leedom, Elijah  Bef 21 Sep 1764Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I221 Ives-Leedom  
28 Leedom, Elizabeth  7 Sep 1853Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I842 Ives-Leedom  
29 Leedom, Elizabeth Marple  5 Sep 1963Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19967 Ives-Leedom  
30 Leedom, Ella M.  20 Jul 1950Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15191 Ives-Leedom  
31 Leedom, Helen Marie  23 Oct 1921Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I20286 Ives-Leedom  
32 Leedom, Howard Malcolm  23 Dec 1943Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15189 Ives-Leedom  
33 Leedom, Jacob Stelle  14 Dec 1929Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15797 Ives-Leedom  
34 Leedom, John  Abt Aug 1750Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I42 Ives-Leedom  
35 Leedom, John  29 Apr 1818Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I218 Ives-Leedom  
36 Leedom, John A.  9 Apr 1912Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9523 Ives-Leedom  
37 Leedom, John Howard  18 Jun 1908Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8544 Ives-Leedom  
38 Leedom, Lucius Carter  Bef 4 Oct 1820Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4320 Ives-Leedom  
39 Leedom, Marion  24 Jul 1999Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17432 Ives-Leedom  
40 Leedom, Mary A.  11 Apr 1896Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9527 Ives-Leedom  
41 Leedom, Mary W.  25 Feb 1916Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8542 Ives-Leedom  
42 Leedom, Rachel Harding  29 May 1895Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9517 Ives-Leedom  
43 Leedom, Richard  1744Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I44 Ives-Leedom  
44 Leedom, Thomas  5 Jan 1875Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14011 Ives-Leedom  
45 Leedom, V. Pearl  7 Aug 1900Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19214 Ives-Leedom  
46 Leedom, Warner  Jun 1982Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18884 Ives-Leedom  
47 Leedom, William  Bef 21 Sep 1743Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I217 Ives-Leedom  
48 Lefferts, Elias Dungan  Feb 1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8885 Ives-Leedom  
49 Lefferts, George Washington  6 Jan 1902Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8549 Ives-Leedom  
50 Lefferts, Mary Jane  4 Jan 1928Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18613 Ives-Leedom  

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jones, Gwen Hugh  19 Oct 1901Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5197 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Addis, Ann  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5185 Ives-Leedom  
2 Addis, Ann  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5185 Ives-Leedom  
3 Atkinson, Hugh  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13160 Ives-Leedom  
4 Erwin, Annie E.  1910Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8545 Ives-Leedom  
5 Harding, Samuel S.  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12088 Ives-Leedom  
6 Hogeland, Joseph  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16066 Ives-Leedom  
7 Jones, David  1840Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1877 Ives-Leedom  
8 Jones, David  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1877 Ives-Leedom  
9 Jones, David Leedom  1840Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5195 Ives-Leedom  
10 Leedom, Alfred  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8543 Ives-Leedom  
11 Leedom, Alfred H.  1900Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12469 Ives-Leedom  
12 Leedom, Charles Buckman  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6382 Ives-Leedom  
13 Leedom, Charles Buckman  1860Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6382 Ives-Leedom  
14 Leedom, Elias Howard  1900Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15185 Ives-Leedom  
15 Leedom, Elias Howard  1910Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15185 Ives-Leedom  
16 Leedom, Elizabeth  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I842 Ives-Leedom  
17 Leedom, John  1800Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I794 Ives-Leedom  
18 Leedom, Lucius Carter  1820Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4320 Ives-Leedom  
19 Leedom, Mary  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6377 Ives-Leedom  
20 Leedom, Rebecca  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6380 Ives-Leedom  
21 Leedom, Rebecca  1860Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6380 Ives-Leedom  
22 Leedom, Samuel  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8539 Ives-Leedom  
23 Leedom, Samuel  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8539 Ives-Leedom  
24 Leedom, Samuel  1900Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8539 Ives-Leedom  
25 Leedom, William  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9528 Ives-Leedom  
26 Lefferts, George Washington  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8549 Ives-Leedom  
27 Staats, Abraham  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6381 Ives-Leedom  
28 Staats, Abraham  1860Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6381 Ives-Leedom  
29 Staats, Daniel  1860Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11982 Ives-Leedom  
30 Terry, James  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12156 Ives-Leedom  
31 Terry, Winfield Scott  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25143 Ives-Leedom  
32 Tomlinson, Henry  1860Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15184 Ives-Leedom  
33 Tomlinson, Henry  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15184 Ives-Leedom  
34 Vanartsdalen, John Shelmire  1850Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6379 Ives-Leedom  
35 Vanartsdalen, John Shelmire  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6379 Ives-Leedom  
36 Vanartsdalen, John Shelmire  1880Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I6379 Ives-Leedom  
37 VanCleve, Catherine Clayton  1900Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8540 Ives-Leedom  
38 VanSant, Nathaniel  1870Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15606 Ives-Leedom  

Census - Septennial

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census - Septennial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leedom, John  1800Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I794 Ives-Leedom  
2 Leedom, John  1800Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I218 Ives-Leedom  

Tax Lists

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax Lists    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leedom, John  1798Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I36 Ives-Leedom  
2 Staats, Daniel  1798Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I2897 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leedom, Elijah  6 Sep 1764Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I221 Ives-Leedom  
2 Leedom, John  9 Aug 1743Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I42 Ives-Leedom  
3 Leedom, John  9 Apr 1818Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I218 Ives-Leedom  
4 Leedom, William  11 Sep 1743Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I217 Ives-Leedom  

Will Filed

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will Filed    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leedom, John  19 May 1818Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania I218 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fetter / Leedom  12 Aug 1895Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F11471 Ives-Leedom  
2 Johnson / Leedom  19 Sep 1905Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F4325 Ives-Leedom  
3 Leedom / Hogeland  30 Jan 1890Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F3126 Ives-Leedom  
4 Leedom / Johnson  12 Mar 1889Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F8838 Ives-Leedom  
5 Leedom / Krewson  12 Oct 1888Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F4850 Ives-Leedom  
6 Leedom / Lefferts  29 Oct 1863Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F5725 Ives-Leedom  
7 Leedom / Lefferts  20 Jan 1887Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F5433 Ives-Leedom  
8 Leedom / VanSant  10 Dec 1846Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F6402 Ives-Leedom  
9 Lefferts / Leedom  1 Jan 1862Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F5726 Ives-Leedom  
10 Van Horn / Pearson  1 Mar 1762Southampton, Bucks, Pennsylvania F2116 Ives-Leedom