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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Church, Howard Taylor  29 Oct 1876Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I1220 Ives-Leedom  
2 Clark, Elizabeth Ann  13 Aug 1809Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5245 Ives-Leedom  
3 Cooper, Eleanor W.  23 Apr 1843Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I20040 Ives-Leedom  
4 Hillborn, John  1705Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19137 Ives-Leedom  
5 Hillborn, Thomas  1703Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19130 Ives-Leedom  
6 Hogeland, Jennie L.  15 Oct 1864Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15792 Ives-Leedom  
7 Leedom, Alice  22 Feb 1868Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13117 Ives-Leedom  
8 Leedom, Benjamin  4 Apr 1767Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I844 Ives-Leedom  
9 Leedom, Beulah  30 Jan 1827Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10671 Ives-Leedom  
10 Leedom, Charles  1 Jan 1862Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11660 Ives-Leedom  
11 Leedom, David R.  18 Dec 1823Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8699 Ives-Leedom  
12 Leedom, Edward  9 Feb 1826Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8882 Ives-Leedom  
13 Leedom, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1775Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I842 Ives-Leedom  
14 Leedom, Elizabeth  15 Oct 1797Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5171 Ives-Leedom  
15 Leedom, Elizabeth L.  14 Sep 1869Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11662 Ives-Leedom  
16 Leedom, Elizabeth Matilda  2 Jun 1829Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10672 Ives-Leedom  
17 Leedom, Ellen Knight  15 Sep 1865Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13116 Ives-Leedom  
18 Leedom, Hannah O.  19 Jan 1834Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10674 Ives-Leedom  
19 Leedom, Jesse T.  10 Sep 1822Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9530 Ives-Leedom  
20 Leedom, Jesse T.  9 Jul 1860Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13128 Ives-Leedom  
21 Leedom, John Hall  3 Jun 1857Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16042 Ives-Leedom  
22 Leedom, Jonathan Francis M. D.  18 Dec 1881Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13119 Ives-Leedom  
23 Leedom, Mary L.  31 Oct 1830Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10673 Ives-Leedom  
24 Leedom, Sarah  11 Nov 1821Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10670 Ives-Leedom  
25 Leedom, Thomas Lancaster  27 Mar 1828Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9533 Ives-Leedom  
26 Leedom, Walter Francis  7 Mar 1862Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13115 Ives-Leedom  
27 Leedom, William  9 Jan 1763Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I843 Ives-Leedom  
28 Longshore, M. Harvey  Abt 1883Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I20773 Ives-Leedom  
29 Martindale, John  22 Jun 1719Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18319 Ives-Leedom  
30 Williamson, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1813Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I800 Ives-Leedom  
31 Williamson, Walter M. D.  4 Jan 1811Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16977 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 50 of 53

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, Mary  17 Sep 1933Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14515 Ives-Leedom  
2 Barbour, Mary Smith  24 Mar 1940Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I12758 Ives-Leedom  
3 Buckman, Esther  19 Nov 1809Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18321 Ives-Leedom  
4 Buckman, Jacob  Bef 20 Sep 1796Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18322 Ives-Leedom  
5 Buckman, Joseph  Bef 12 Mar 1798Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I25659 Ives-Leedom  
6 Hibbs, Abraham  Bef 6 Dec 1784Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14754 Ives-Leedom  
7 Hillborn, Robert  Bef 27 Mar 1720Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10484 Ives-Leedom  
8 Hillborn, Robert  1793Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19134 Ives-Leedom  
9 Hillborn, Samuel  1714Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19126 Ives-Leedom  
10 Hillborn, Thomas  Bef 13 May 1723Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I19124 Ives-Leedom  
11 Jenks, Michael Hutchinson  16 Oct 1867Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5176 Ives-Leedom  
12 Kelley, Thomas G.  14 Apr 1888Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16015 Ives-Leedom  
13 Kirk, Elizabeth  8 Nov 1774Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4976 Ives-Leedom  
14 Knight, Anna Trego  2 Aug 1932Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I23326 Ives-Leedom  
15 Knight, Charles L.  2 Aug 1919Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13110 Ives-Leedom  
16 Knight, William B.  11 Feb 1935Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13108 Ives-Leedom  
17 Leedom, Anna E.  8 Dec 1891Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I15767 Ives-Leedom  
18 Leedom, Beulah Paxson  1 Sep 1824Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5170 Ives-Leedom  
19 Leedom, Charles  30 Jan 1869Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5166 Ives-Leedom  
20 Leedom, David R.  26 Apr 1886Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8699 Ives-Leedom  
21 Leedom, David Twining  28 Jan 1867Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5163 Ives-Leedom  
22 Leedom, Edward  18 Jul 1871Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5161 Ives-Leedom  
23 Leedom, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1884Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5171 Ives-Leedom  
24 Leedom, Elizabeth Matilda  24 Feb 1891Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10672 Ives-Leedom  
25 Leedom, Harvey M.  24 Jan 1988Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I23321 Ives-Leedom  
26 Leedom, Helen Briggs  23 Nov 1960Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17426 Ives-Leedom  
27 Leedom, Jesse  21 Mar 1845Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I841 Ives-Leedom  
28 Leedom, Jesse T.  10 Mar 1891Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9530 Ives-Leedom  
29 Leedom, Jonathan  20 Apr 1881Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5177 Ives-Leedom  
30 Leedom, Josephine Bailey  31 Jul 1901Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17444 Ives-Leedom  
31 Leedom, Mary L.  1 Jul 1914Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10673 Ives-Leedom  
32 Leedom, Sarah  Abt 1822Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10670 Ives-Leedom  
33 Leedom, Sarah L.  15 Nov 1880Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5175 Ives-Leedom  
34 Leedom, Walter DeHaven  9 Aug 1982Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17425 Ives-Leedom  
35 Leedom, Willard Augustus  23 Apr 1969Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17427 Ives-Leedom  
36 Lewis, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1806Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4974 Ives-Leedom  
37 Martindale, William  30 Dec 1835Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I18320 Ives-Leedom  
38 McCarty, Lydia  14 Aug 1861Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5167 Ives-Leedom  
39 Mitchell, Elizabeth A.  13 Feb 1886Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9532 Ives-Leedom  
40 Morgan, Thomas  Bef 7 Feb 1775Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3693 Ives-Leedom  
41 Pearson, Aaron  Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I11854 Ives-Leedom  
42 Pearson, Robert  Aft 1748Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3189 Ives-Leedom  
43 Staats, Magdalen  Bef 16 Mar 1784Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I3687 Ives-Leedom  
44 Stapler, Achsah  27 Oct 1847Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9531 Ives-Leedom  
45 Taylor, Anna  1 Apr 1946Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13109 Ives-Leedom  
46 Taylor, Edward  17 Mar 1913Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10675 Ives-Leedom  
47 Taylor, Rachel Leedom  8 Feb 1896Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I13111 Ives-Leedom  
48 Twining, David  2 Dec 1791Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4973 Ives-Leedom  
49 Twining, John  21 Aug 1775Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4975 Ives-Leedom  
50 Twining, Mary  17 Sep 1843Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I4889 Ives-Leedom  

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Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cornell, James S.  1870Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I17402 Ives-Leedom  
2 Kelley, Thomas G.  1880Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I16015 Ives-Leedom  
3 Leedom, Charles  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5166 Ives-Leedom  
4 Leedom, Edward  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I8882 Ives-Leedom  
5 Leedom, Elizabeth  1870Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9536 Ives-Leedom  
6 Leedom, Elizabeth Matilda  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10672 Ives-Leedom  
7 Leedom, Jesse  1860Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I734 Ives-Leedom  
8 Leedom, Jonathan  1870Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14820 Ives-Leedom  
9 Leedom, Mary L.  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I10673 Ives-Leedom  
10 Leedom, Thomas Lancaster  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I9533 Ives-Leedom  
11 McCarty, Lydia  1850Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I5167 Ives-Leedom  
12 Wildonger, Frances  1870Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14686 Ives-Leedom  

Will Filed

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will Filed    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hibbs, Abraham  6 Dec 1784Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania I14754 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowman / Leedom  12 Oct 1901Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F530 Ives-Leedom  
2 Buckman / Penquite  24 Nov 1716Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F8253 Ives-Leedom  
3 Cooper / Buckman  30 Nov 1703Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F8250 Ives-Leedom  
4 Leedom / Martindale  17 Jul 1799Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F1695 Ives-Leedom  
5 Leedom / Stapler  10 Feb 1847Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F6407 Ives-Leedom  
6 Taylor / Leedom  15 Oct 1857Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F7167 Ives-Leedom  
7 Twining / Penquite  22 Dec 1719Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania F8791 Ives-Leedom