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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkinson, Jane  1634Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I1962 Ives-Leedom  
2 Beers, Barnabas  6 Sep 1658Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19870 Ives-Leedom  
3 Beers, Ephraim  5 Jul 1648Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19866 Ives-Leedom  
4 Beers, Esther  16 Oct 1654Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19868 Ives-Leedom  
5 Beers, John  28 Jan 1651/52Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19867 Ives-Leedom  
6 Beers, Samuel  9 May 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19865 Ives-Leedom  
7 Beers, Samuel  2 May 1657Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19869 Ives-Leedom  
8 Chapin, Japhet  Bef 15 Oct 1642Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I9868 Ives-Leedom  
9 Cheney, John  29 Sep 1639Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I471 Ives-Leedom  
10 Cheney, John  25 Sep 1640Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2430 Ives-Leedom  
11 Cheney, Joseph  6 Jun 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I473 Ives-Leedom  
12 Cheney, Margaret  26 Nov 1628Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I468 Ives-Leedom  
13 Cheney, Mehitable  1 Jun 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I472 Ives-Leedom  
14 Cheney, Thomas  1633Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I469 Ives-Leedom  
15 Cheney, William  1636Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I470 Ives-Leedom  
16 Hemingway, Elizabeth  31 May 1645Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7974 Ives-Leedom  
17 Hemingway, John  27 Apr 1641Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7972 Ives-Leedom  
18 Hemingway, Joshua  Bef 9 Apr 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7973 Ives-Leedom  
19 Hemingway, Mary  24 Apr 1635Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7970 Ives-Leedom  
20 Hemingway, Mary  7 Apr 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7975 Ives-Leedom  
21 Hemingway, Ruth  21 Sep 1638Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7971 Ives-Leedom  
22 Hemingway, Samuel  Jun 1636Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7948 Ives-Leedom  
23 Johnson, Deborah  Abt 20 Jan 1649/50Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I386 Ives-Leedom  
24 Johnson, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1637Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I382 Ives-Leedom  
25 Johnson, Isaac  7 Nov 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I391 Ives-Leedom  
26 Johnson, John  3 Nov 1639Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I381 Ives-Leedom  
27 Johnson, Joseph  9 Nov 1645Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I392 Ives-Leedom  
28 Johnson, Martha  Bef 12 Sep 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I388 Ives-Leedom  
29 Johnson, Mary  Abt 10 Apr 1642Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I390 Ives-Leedom  
30 Johnson, Mary  14 Feb 1673/74Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I20515 Ives-Leedom  
31 Johnson, Mehitable  16 Sep 1644Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I389 Ives-Leedom  
32 Johnson, Nathaniel  1 May 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I393 Ives-Leedom  
33 Johnson, Rebecca  27 Jun 1680Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I20610 Ives-Leedom  
34 Johnson, Smith  23 Jan 1671/72Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I20609 Ives-Leedom  
35 Leavens, Joseph  15 Nov 1683Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I20621 Ives-Leedom  
36 May, Abigail  22 May 1659Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I22938 Ives-Leedom  
37 Newell, Hannah  4 Feb 1670/71Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I572 Ives-Leedom  
38 Newell, Rebecca  15 Jul 1637Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I3403 Ives-Leedom  
39 Newell, Susanna  30 Mar 1656Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I340 Ives-Leedom  
40 Pettit, John  1638Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I20538 Ives-Leedom  
41 Pierpont, Experience  4 Feb 1653/54Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I12635 Ives-Leedom  
42 Pierpont, Rev. James  4 Jan 1659/60Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I9307 Ives-Leedom  
43 Pierpont, John  28 Oct 1652Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I12634 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chapin, Japhet  15 Oct 1642Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I9868 Ives-Leedom  
2 Hemingway, Joshua  9 Apr 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7973 Ives-Leedom  
3 Johnson, Deborah  20 Jan 1649/50Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I386 Ives-Leedom  
4 Johnson, Martha  12 Sep 1647Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I388 Ives-Leedom  
5 Johnson, Mehitable  29 Mar 1646Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I389 Ives-Leedom  
6 May, Abigail  29 May 1659Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I22938 Ives-Leedom  
7 Newell, Hannah  19 Feb 1670/71Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I572 Ives-Leedom  
8 Prentice, Hester  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I5909 Ives-Leedom  
9 Prentice, John  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6928 Ives-Leedom  
10 Prentice, Jonathan  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6930 Ives-Leedom  
11 Prentice, Joseph  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6929 Ives-Leedom  
12 Prentice, Peter  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6931 Ives-Leedom  
13 Prentice, Stephen  19 Apr 1668Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6920 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Fearing), Margaret  22 Dec 1690Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2723 Ives-Leedom  
2 (Johnson), Margery  9 Jun 1655Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I355 Ives-Leedom  
3 (Palgrave), Anna  1669Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I19685 Ives-Leedom  
4 Cheney, John  Bef 29 Sep 1640Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I471 Ives-Leedom  
5 Cheney, John  12 Oct 1671Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2430 Ives-Leedom  
6 Cheney, William  30 Jun 1667Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I394 Ives-Leedom  
7 Curtis, Elizabeth  1706Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I335 Ives-Leedom  
8 Dudley, Thomas  31 Jul 1653Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I3780 Ives-Leedom  
9 Fairfield, Tryphena  1709Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I5674 Ives-Leedom  
10 Heath, Isaac  21 Jan 1660/61Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2034 Ives-Leedom  
11 Heath, Isaac  29 Dec 1694Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I15647 Ives-Leedom  
12 Heath, Peleg  18 Nov 1671Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I15650 Ives-Leedom  
13 Hemingway, Mary  4 May 1635Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7970 Ives-Leedom  
14 Hemingway, Ralph  1 Jun 1678Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7966 Ives-Leedom  
15 Hewes, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1685/86Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7967 Ives-Leedom  
16 Johnson, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1683/84Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I1533 Ives-Leedom  
17 Johnson, John  Abt 30 Sep 1659Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I354 Ives-Leedom  
18 Johnson, Joseph  12 Dec 1645Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I392 Ives-Leedom  
19 May, Samuel  17 Jul 1677Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I730 Ives-Leedom  
20 Newell, Abraham  13 Jun 1672Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I3404 Ives-Leedom  
21 Pepper, Robert  7 Jul 1684Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I1534 Ives-Leedom  
22 Pierpont, John  Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I12634 Ives-Leedom  
23 Porter, Elizabeth  13 Aug 1683Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I383 Ives-Leedom  
24 Prentice, Valentine  1633Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6921 Ives-Leedom  
25 Stowe, John  26 Oct 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I9313 Ives-Leedom  
26 Watson, John  2 Dec 1671Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I6923 Ives-Leedom  
27 Yorke, Dorothy  27 Dec 1643Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I3482 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigge, Elizabeth  21 Aug 1638Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I9314 Ives-Leedom  
2 Heath, William  30 May 1652Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2036 Ives-Leedom  
3 Miller, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1664/65Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I2042 Ives-Leedom  
4 Perry, Mary  15 Dec 1659Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts I15643 Ives-Leedom  


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowen / Johnson  20 Dec 1658Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F811 Ives-Leedom  
2 Cheney / Atkinson  11 Jan 1655/56Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F831 Ives-Leedom  
3 Cheney / Newell  24 May 1686Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F264 Ives-Leedom  
4 Davis / Johnson  19 Dec 1705Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F10512 Ives-Leedom  
5 Gallup / Prentice  1682Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F3959 Ives-Leedom  
6 Hale / Lord  Feb 1639/40Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F9574 Ives-Leedom  
7 Heath / Davis  16 Dec 1650Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F874 Ives-Leedom  
8 Hemingway / Hewes  5 Jul 1634Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F5310 Ives-Leedom  
9 Johnson / Harris  26 Oct 1669Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F5034 Ives-Leedom  
10 Johnson / Porter  20 Jan 1636/37Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F159 Ives-Leedom  
11 Johnson / Ramsey  26 May 1702Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F10511 Ives-Leedom  
12 Johnson / Stansfield  6 Dec 1678Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F117 Ives-Leedom  
13 May / Stansfield  7 Jan 1656/57Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F170 Ives-Leedom  
14 Mowry / Newell  6 Sep 1673Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F245 Ives-Leedom  
15 Newell / Curtis  14 Dec 1659Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F145 Ives-Leedom  
16 Pepper / Johnson  14 Mar 1642/43Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F666 Ives-Leedom  
17 Watson / Bredda  3 Apr 1634Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts F4629 Ives-Leedom