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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Margaret A. - age 66, wife, marreid 48 years,4 ch, 2 ch living, b. VA, parents b. VA 
Crowell, William Stafford (I8606)
Goodale, Mary, 74, mother, widow, CT - -

Listed living with son Horace Hale and his family, and as a Goodale again. The birthplaces of her parents are written with dashes "-", probably the census takers way of notating "unknown". 
Cadwell, Mary Lovina (I5282)
Hale - William, 28, farmer, CT
" Caroline, 33, keeps house, NY (ages are reversed)
" Emma, 16, IL 
Hale, William H. (I68)
Hale, Mary, 62, homemaker, CT
", AH, 26, IL

Mary listed just after her son Horace Hale's family in this census. Mary listed as a Hale this year, not as Goodell or Goddell or Goodale. AH is son Albert Harrison Hale - listed as Harrison in 1850 and as Albert in 1860. He was actually 30 years old in 1870, not 26. 
Cadwell, Mary Lovina (I5282)
Mary Goddell, 53, widow, MA
Albert Hale, 20, Lab', IL 
Cadwell, Mary Lovina (I5282)
Mary Goodell, 39, CT
William Hale, 22, Laborer, CT
Sarah J. ", 16, OH,
Mary ", 12, OH
Horace ", 14, OH
Harrison ", 10, IL 
Cadwell, Mary Lovina (I5282)
William Hale, 31, farmer, CT
Caroline Hale, 23, NY
Emma J. Hale, 6, IL 
Hale, William H. (I68)
William Shallies, 68, farmer, CT
Martha ", 3, IL
William Hale, 21 (or 22), laborer, CT
Emily, 19, NY
William also listed at Aurora, Kane IL this year with mother and siblings 
Hale, William H. (I68)
9 'California Death Index, 1940-1997', source of exact date information, gives married name as "Mordecar". Hines, Marjorie L. (I16930)
10 'The Pierponts of North Haven, Conn.' by Donald Lines Jacobus (NEHGS Register, Apr 1921) says James had 5 children with his 2nd wife Anne Sherman.
Pierpont, James (I20575)
11 -Enumerated 13 Jul, visit 446, family 436:
Dirke Huenink - age 36, farmer, real est $2000, personal $800, b. NL
Catharine - age 36, keeping house, b. NL
John - age 11, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
[Dorie] - age 9, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
Hendrick - age 6, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
Christian - age 4, at home, b. NL
Berendina - age 2, at home, b. NL
John B. - age 70, no occupation, b. NL 
Huenink, Derk Willem (I115)
12 -Enumerated 13 Jul, visit 446, family 436:
Dirke Huenink - age 36, farmer, real est $2000, personal $800, b. NL
Catharine - age 36, keeping house, b. NL
John - age 11, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
[Dorie] - age 9, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
Hendrick - age 6, at home, b. NL, attended school within year
Christian - age 4, at home, b. NL
Berendina - age 2, at home, b. NL
John B. - age 70, no occupation, b. NL 
Huenink, Henry John (I105)
13 Emigrated at age 24 in 1634 on the ship ' Elizabeth' and settled at Watertown MA. He was the son of Joseph and Deborah Morse who emigrated a year later and settled at Ipswich. Morse, Joseph (I26370)
14 Enumerated 12 Jun, district 79, visit 161, family 198:
D. N. Crowell - age 33, b. Feb 1867 VA, m. 9 yrs, railroad brakeman
Luticia - age 27, wife, b. Oct 1872 VA, m. 9 yrs, 3 ch 2 living
Joe L. - age 7, son, b. Dec 1892 VA
Chester C. - age 5, son, b. Dec 1894 VA
Jennie C. Munsey - age 46, sister-in-law, wd, b. Jul 1883 VA 
Crowell, David Newton (I10707)
15 Enumerated 16 Jun, visit 208, family 313:
Abram Huenink - age 47, farmer, b. Holland
Coba - age 42, wife, b. Holland
Henrietta - age 16, daughter, b. Holland
John - age 14, daughter, b. Holland
Dora - age 7, daughter, b. WI 
Huenink, Abraham B. (I6494)
16 Enumerated 20 Apr, visit 84, family 84:
Leedom R. Broadbelt - age 26, head, m1, family doctor, b. PA, parents b. PA
Virginia F. - age 24, wife, m1 0 yrs, 0 ch 
Broadbelt, Dr. Leedom Richard (I15783)
17 Enumerated 7 & 8 Jun, visit 87, family 87:
Dirk Heunink - age 73, head, b. Mar 1827 NL, farmer, m 42 yrs, imm 1869, parents b. NL
Catharine - age 66, wife, b. Oct 1834 NL, m 42 yrs, 9 ch 9 living, imm 1869, parents b. NL
Gerrit John - age 27, son, b. May 1873 WI, single
Catherine W. - age 24, daughter, b. Dec 1875 WI, single
Dirk W. - age 19, son, b. Jul 1880 WI, single 
Huenink, Derk Willem (I115)
18 History of Bucks County by W. W. H. Davis Genealogy of the Sharpless Family say Ann married Luke Cassin of Upper Providence. Chester MM records of Ann Cassin's death give her age as 75 years. Worrall, Ann (I25711)
19 The 1900 census of Yazoo, Yazoo MS lists a William and Nettie "Linsemeyer" and son Loyd (probably Lloyd): William age 33, b. Oct 1866 MI (though both parents born MI (which would be incorrect if this William)); Nettie age 32, b. Oct 1867 MI, both parents from MI, Loyd age 8, b. Aug 1891 MI. Census says married 12 years, Nettie the mother of 3, 1 still living. The 1910 census of Silver City, Yazoo MS may be the proof that the William in Mississippi is this William, son of Christian and Charlotte. Listed in Silver City, though no street address, visitation # or family # is given, is William F. Linsemeyer, age 44, born MI, "single", a machinist. Living with him is "brother" A. Fred Owen age 22, b. MI, single and also a machinist. He is actually William's half-brother (Fred is also listed in the Benton Harbor, Berrien MI census in 1910 but that census dated Apr 1910, the Silver City MS census dated Jun 1910. In 1920 William still at Silver City, though now Humphreys County MS, age 53, a machinist, married to Nettie (looks like), though a different Nettie as she is 37 years old and born MS. Also with them is "step daughter" Mildred Hovell age 14 (this census very hard to read - William is actually indexed as William H. "Loseyneyer"!). The 1830 census lists William and 2nd wife Nettie at Jackson, Hinds MS. William age 63 b. MI, parents from GER and MI, Nettie age 47 b. MS, parents from AL and MS. Living with them is mother-in-law Laura Skinner age 78, widow, b. MS, parents from MS. William died before 1940 as the 1940 lists wife Nettie as a widow.

The 1880 census of Watervliet, Berrien MI lists a Joseph and Josephine Knapp family with a daughter Annette b. abt. 1868 MI. Joseph age 45 b. VT, Josephine age 36 b. PA. 
Linsenmeyer, William F. (I4164)
20 "(11th Co., 3rd Regt., French Ind. War.), died Apr 13, 1769, age 70, (Vet. - Flag.)" Gee, Solomon (I26248)
21 "... in 1292, presented to the rectory of Barmston, but did not survive this act two years ...". Died 20 Edward I. Monceaux, Sir Ingram (I22629)
22 "... supposed to be the Naomi dau. of Timothy Foster, of Dorchester, who was born 11 Feb 1668, at Dorchester." Foster, Naomi (I16311)
23 "...a daughter of St. Quintine". St. Quintine (I11126)
24 "...a daughter of William Alton". Alton (I11123)
25 "...daughter of Thomas Burgh, Esq.". Burgh (I11134)
26 "...killed in service in 1943". Samuel was a Staff Sgt. in the U.S. Army Airforce with the 550th Bomber Squadron, 385th Bomber Group, Heavy. Moore, Samuel Kyran (I16206)
27 "...of Upper Makefield." - The Leedom Family

William Harold and Margaret Ann Leedom - Married Apr 18, 1850, by Charles Thompson, Esq. Both of Upper Makefield Twp, at the house of Silas Atkinson, of Upper Makefield. - Bucks Co. Intelligencer

Named as William Harrold in his death certificate, the son of Charles Harrold and Phebe Jolley according to the informant, Edward Leary. Edward was William Harrold's son-in-law, married to daughter Ida.

His death notice gives his surname as 'Harold' and states he was a former business man of Doylestown. "His early life was spent in Bicks County, where he followed blacksmithing and farming. For many years he followed the butchering business in Doylestown." 
Harrold, William (I5252)
28 " of the representative business men of Dowagiac, where he is one of the principal stockholders in the Colby Milling Company, and his wife is the owner of large land interests in Van Buren county as well as the owner of a landed estate of one thousand acres in Manitoba, Canada." Baker, Fred H. (I8498)
29 "...presumably the one who m. (intention, Ipswich, 19 Apr. 1707), Abigail Hovey". Stevens, Moses (I12385)
30 "...the daughter of Ingram Mounsaux". A pedigree chart of Monceaux gives her name as Alice and married William de Boynton. Mounscaux (I11128)
31 "1587 - last day of April, Nathaniel Whighte, son of Robert Whighte" White, Nathaniel (I13709)
32 "1681/82" Houghton, Mercy (I7857)
33 "1697?" Johnson, Hannah (I10169)
34 "2. Walter, who was living in 1091. After this we meet with Bruis de Boynton whose name appears on a document dated 1129. He was succeeded by Sir Ingram de Boynton, Knt."


'The Boynton Family' lists Walter as generation 2 and Ingram as generation 3. The above statement is a bit unclear as to whether the direct line breaks here - as it lists Ingram as succeeding Bruis de Boynton but does not call Ingram the "son" of

either. Were Bruis and Ingram both sons of Walter? - Bruis perhaps the elder son succeeded by the younger son? 
Boynton, Walter (I11138)
35 "A soldier of the Revolution". Gilbert, Joseph (I19502)
36 "According to family tradition" (ref. 187) William was born in Scotland about 1650, was "induced" aboard a ship sailing for America and was indentured on arrival for payment of his passage. After his indenture, he married and settled at Ipswich MA. All of his children probably born at Ipswich but records have been found for just the first two - they still resided at Ipswich in 1700 when William had a seat assigned to him at the town meetinghouse and possibly did not move to Sutton MA until sometime around 1717.

'The Stockwell Genealogy' by Mabel Stockwell Kennedy has more information about William and Sarah's children - they all appear to have made it to adulthood and to have married and had children - but I don't have that information at hand at present. 
Stockwell, William (I4110)
37 "Ally Ann" age 4m in the 1850 Tazewell Co IL census - dated Dec 1850. Might be the daughter listed in 1860 as "Allice" - age not listed in this census. "Allah A." in 1870. Buckley, Allah Ann (I16689)
38 "Anna" is buried next to her parents at the Keeler Cemetery. She probably did not marry or have children. LDS IGI birth records of Berrien Co have her name as Sarah A. Henderson, born 19 Feb 1867. I don't recall if it was her death record in Van Buren Co, or her burial record at Keeler, that gave her birthyear as 1869. The 1880 census of Weesaw, Berrien MI gives her age as 13 that year so the 1867 birthyear is probably correct. Henderson, Sarah Anna (I3884)
39 "At a monthly Meeting of Women Friends held in Philadelphia [Arch Street] on the 30th of the Fourth Month 1721.
William Shute and Elizabeth Steel appeared at this Meeting the second Time declaring their Intentions of Marriage with each other and nothing appearing to hinder they past this Meeting."
Family: William Shute / Elizabeth Steel (F2887)
40 "b. after 1722, and perhaps some years after". Resided at Portsmouth. Rymes, Christopher (I12792)
41 "b. [say 1627-9]". 'Hale, House ...' notes however that he "may however have been born 1636-7 and named in commemoration of the journey from England to the New World" (page 732). Smith, Peregrine (I20857)
42 "bapt. 168[7]"

Stevens, Charles (I12437)
43 "bapt. 168[9]". Stevens, John (I12438)
44 "Baron of Eston" Windsor, Robert de (I15692)
45 "Bartholomew Longstreth first settled on the [present] county line between Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. . . . It was on Edge Hill. The house was a long stone building." Letter of Anna T. Raab, - Longstreth Family Record, p. 37

Thomas Fairman, surveyor-general of the province of Pennsylvania ... induced him to give up his intention of leaving the country, and instead, to buy five hundred acres of unimproved land in Warminster Township, Bucks County. - Longstreth Family Record, p. 38

When he first settled in Warminster, the land he had there taken up was a wilderness, the only road being a cattle-path through the woods. His first house was of logs. In 1713 he built a more substantial house of stone; the spring-house, still standing in 1908, was probably built also at this time. - Longstreth Family Record, p. 38 
Longstreth, Bartholomew (I26038)
46 "being 3 years and about 5 months old". Baker, Joshua (I7282)
47 "being 5 years and about 15 weeks old". Baker, John (I7314)
48 "being 7 years and about 9 months old". Baker, Samuel (I7313)
49 "being 9 years and about 9 months old". Baker, Alexander (I7312)
50 "being about a year and 6 days old". Baker, Hannah (I7315)

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