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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Matches 201 to 250 of 17,418

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201 'Fairfield' genealogy lists son Nathaniel as son of William Adams b. 3 Mar 1594, d. 1661, and William "supposed to be son of Henry Adams who came over in spring of 1628. William was in Cambridge MA 1633, moved to Ipswich Hamlet before 1641. The name of his wife, though still living in 1681, is unknown. Adams, William (I5462)
202 'Fairfield' genealogy says she had a son named Philip Parsons Jr.. The 'Abbe' genealogy gives a few different dates than the 'Fairfield' genealogy. 'Abbe' says Sarah "born December 24, 1655, at Reading, Mass; died in Enfield, Conn., November 27, 1742. She was the daughter of Walter and Sarah (Skipper) Fairfield, and had previously been married to NEEDHAM.

The Wenham records give this record of the marriage, "Thomas Abby and Sarah Fairfield of Wenham were married the 17th day of December, 1683, being lawfully published with the consent of her parents Walter Fairfield, and his witness with Moses Maverick and Elizabeth Fairfield." The marriage is recorded in both Marblehead and Wenham.

Fairfield, Sarah (I5594)
203 'Families of Ancient New Haven' - "perhaps sister of John" Walker of New Haven who m. Grace ___ and died 1660. Walker, Joan (I10151)
204 'Families of Ancient New Haven' - "she had a nat. child by John Tuttle, b 1688 (NHCCt)". Humiston, Abigail (I10167)
205 'Families of Ancient New Haven' also lists a Constance and (m. George Ross) and John (apprentice youth) as possible siblings of Richard Little. They both removed to Elizabeth NJ. There was an Edward Little in North Haven, m. Mary Atwater ("possibly da Daniel Atwater"),

though a relationship to Richard is not listed. 
Little, Richard (I10152)
206 'Families of Ancient New Haven' cites the source of Humiston info as the records of Rev. Wallace Humiston of Northfield CT who was compiling a genealogy of the family in the 1920s.

Inventory of his estate taken 29 Feb 1663 by David Atwater and Thos. Barnes, £98:13:07 ('Early Probate Records of New Haven' - NEHGS Register Vol. 81:126)
Humiston, Henry (I10150)
207 'Families of Ancient New Haven' gives maiden name as ?Dow Howe, Sarah (I8036)
208 'Families of Ancient New Haven' lists date of death as 6 or 7 Dec 1767 - the 7th possibly burial date as it's source is North Haven Old Graveyard record, the source of Dec 6 is North Haven Congregational church record. John and Hannah had 7 children (more info in ref

Humiston, John (I10166)
209 'Families of Ancient New Haven', Donald Lines Jacobus gives birthdate as 6 JUN 1743 Pierpont, Abigail (I9280)
210 'Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut' by Lucius Barnes Barbour
"Came to New England in 1634. Went to Hadley in 1659 and returned to Hartford about 1675."

'Ancestry of Lawrence Williams' by Cornelia Bartow Williams (1915) lists the children by each wife, his 1st unknown wife and 2nd wife Elizabeth Goodwin. His first wife's children probably born in England.
Crow, John (I9978)
211 'Families of Early Milfored, CT' says she probably married as 2nd wife Barnabas Baldwin. Botsford, Mary (I20303)
212 'Francis' in the 1870 census, 'Frank' in 1880. Black, Francis (I14132)
213 'Gallup Genealogy' gives a death date as 23 Jun 1779. 23 Jun 1799 is probably meant as she had twins on 13 Jan 1799. Gallup, Martha (I5944)
214 'Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and His Descendants' by Avis Stearns Van Wagenen gives her name as Elizabeth Stone, b. 9 Oct 1670, though parents names not given. 'Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts' by Henry Bond gives her name as Elizabeth but no maiden name. In the Stone family genealogy section of the Bond book an Elizabeth Stone, b. 9 Oct 1670, is listed as daughter of Simon and Mary (Whipple) Stone, but says - which question mark before the marriage - "(?) m., Nov. 6, 1706, John Meddock, of Boston". 'Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., 1320 - 1926' by J. Gardner Bartlett (1926) shows her as daughter of Simon and Mary (Whipple) Stone, b. 9 Oct 1670 and married Isaac Stearns abt. 1696. They had 9 children. Stone, Elizabeth (I19810)
215 'Genealogy of the Greenleaf Family' pg. 483:

Son of Bickford and Judith (Marvel) Greenleaf (Stockwell Genealogy gives his mother's maiden name as Middleton). Moved to Lancaster NH as small boy with his mother. Ruth (Stockwell) Hutchins was his fourth wife. He had 20 children by his four

Greenleaf, David (I9511)
216 'Germany, Marriages, 1558-1929' (at lists the marriage of Lukas Linsenmaier (b. 15 Jan 1804, son of Johan Jakob and Katharina Magdalena (Beck) Linsenmaier) to Theresia BRAUNGERT (b. 10 Feb 1800, daughter of Joseph Candidus and Maria Therisia (Elison) Braungert) at Biberach on 22 Nov 1831. Linsenmeyer, Lucas (I19366)
217 'Germany, Marriages, 1558-1929' ( is the source of dates and marriage info. This record names his mother as "Agnes" Catharina Kunzmann rather than as Regina. Family F8897
218 'Great Migration Begins' (Anderson) notes he was born "say 1631", which would put his birth in Watertown, and "bur. Watertown 10 Agu 1634 (the county copy of this record reports this as a birth rather than a burial, but a birth just one year after that of Samuel, who clearly survived, would be unlikely, and no further record of Daniel is seen". Page, Daniel (I11229)
219 'Hale, House and Related Families' does not list Susannah's maiden name - it gives her name as "Susannah (___) Carpenter", indicating she had been married previously to a Carpenter. Though her maiden name still unknown some descendants list Susannah as having been previously married to Jonathan Carpenter, son of Noah Jr. and Elizabeth (Pinneo) Carpenter of Conventry, Tolland CT. Jonathan b. 13 Jun 1770 at Coventry, d. ? at East Hartford, Hartford CT. (Hale), Susannah (I20801)
220 'Hale, House and Related Families' gives his death date as "(before 26 Jan.) 1830, aged 56". The research of Isabelle Weaver and Lee Doxey with the records from the Old North Cemetery in Hartford gives a death date of 23 Jan 1830, so the 26 Jan date is probably his burial date. George Jr, son of this George, is listed in 'Hale, House ..." as having died 1847 and buried at the Old North Cemetery but this is likely in error. Isabelle and Lee note that in the records the date is given on one page and the name on another. The name that the 1847 date lines up with is actually another Hale, not George Jr (who more likely died in IL after 1840) - and thank you Isabelle and Lee for finding that information!
The Tuesday, 26 Jan 1830 issue of the Connecticut Courant notes: "Drowned, in this city, on Saturday last, Mr. George Hale, 56." 
Hale, George (I20800)
221 'Hale, House and Related Families' is the source of her death date as 28 Dec 1664. An article in The American Genealogist - "The Reverend Henry Smith of Wetherfield" by Homer W. Brainard (inVol 10, pages 7-14) - gives the date as 19 Sep 1677 and that Joanna was killed by Indians. 'Hale, House ...' notes this was the death of Philip Russell's 2nd wife, Elizabeth Terry. Smith, Joanna (I20861)
222 'Hale, House and Related Families' lists more of John and Prudence Frary's descendants. Frary, John (I20913)
223 'Hale, House and Related Families' notes he was "probably father of" Richard. Tuttle, Thomas (I20986)
224 'Historical Sketches of the Village and Township of Gaines', published by the Centennial Committee of Gaines in 1909, on the page titled 'The Original Owners of Land in Gaines With Their Decendants, Who Are Still Living on the Same Farms' lists Joseph Winch as original owner and decendant Jerome Winch living on the farm. Winch, Joseph (I5344)
225 'History of Berrien Co MI' by Coolidge gives her maiden name as HERNDON. Herrington, Sarah (I8856)
226 'History of Captain John Kathan' by David L. Mansfield (1902) is the source of most of the information about the Kathan family - as well as the Moore family through his daughter Esther who married Fairbank(s) Moore Jr..

John Kathan came from England in 1729 and resided at Worcester MA before settling at Dummerston VT. According to this book John and Martha (Moore) Kathan's first child, Alexander, was born at sea in Apr 1729 "during the passage of his parents to America". There is a problem with this if Martha was a daughter o John and Hasadiah (Fairbank) Moore. 
Kathan, John (I16239)
227 'History of Coos County, New Hampshire' by Georgia Drew Merrill (WA Fergusson & Co, Syracuse NY, 1888) lists Robert as a private in Capt. Week's Company in the War of 1812 (pg 280). This possibly in error? His son Samuel served in the same company in the War of 1812 but is not included in this list. Gotham, Robert (I9383)
228 'History of Dummerston VT' by David Mansfield (1884) states Elizabeth was born 5 Feb 1756 but 'Worcester Births, Marriages and Deaths (1714-1848' by Franklin P. Rice (as transcribed in the LDS IGI) gives her birth date as 25 Apr 1756 in Worcester, Worcester MA. 'History of Dummerston VT' states Elizabeth married Fairbanks Moore and "resided Canada". As I believe they were the parents of Benjamin and Fairbanks Moore, many of whose descendants moved to Berrien Co MI in the 1840s, 1850s, the Dummerston book may be in error about "Canada", though the source of that error (if an error) may be explained if they are the Fairbanks Moore family in ONTARIO COUNTY NEW YORK in 1810 and 1820, not Ontario Canada. Davenport, Elizabeth (I16235)
229 'History of Dummerston' has ancestry and family information (pages 34-36) Davenport, Charles (I16236)
230 'History of Fairfield CT' gives some dates but the text is very unclear. "JONATHAN I. s. of Henry Rowland I, m. Abigail d. of John Barlow 2. 28, Jan. 1698, & died in 1691". Rowland, Jonathan (I19157)
231 'History of Fairfield' doesn't give her first name but notes she was the daughter of Capt. Richard Osborn. 'Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut' gives her name as "Elizabeth, married James Beers". Osborn, Elizabeth (I19881)
232 'History of Indiana County Pennsylvania' lists only his name. A Cree T. Henderson died at Whitman WA 25 Feb 1944 at the age of 64. Vera E. Henderson (spouse Cree) died at Multnomah OR 11 Sep 1959 ('Oregon Death Index, 1903-1998'). A database at WorldConnect lists the marriage of Cree T. Henderson and Vera E. Nesbitt on 29 Dec 1909 at Boone IL. Vera daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann (Marshall) Nesbitt and born 18 Apr 1890. Database gives her death date as 11 Sep 1959. 'WWI' Civilian Draft Registrations' lists Cree Telford Henderson born 25 Jul 1879 resided at Bonner ID - date of record not given. Henderson, Cree Telford (I12959)
233 'History of Indiana County, Penn'a' does not give John's birth year but says John and Letitia "were natives of Ireland, where they were married, and located in what is now Indiana county, in 1786 [possible typo as other pages in that book say settled Indiana Co in 1796/97?] , his father and family accompanying him" (pages 395-396). One record on the LDS IGI (a submission to the IGI and not a church or parish extraction record) gives John's birth year as 1772, his marriage to Letitia in Ireland in "<1795>" and death in 1844 - other IGI records of John give differing info. The names of children and their spouses given here are from the 'Indiana Co' book, which does not give many dates. Henderson, John (I10696)
234 'History of Indiana County, Pennsylvania' gives her maiden name as Henderson in the bio of husband Robert Henderson but on the same page lists her as daughter of Robert and Martha (McKesson) Henry in a bio of her brother Samuel Henry (page 505). An LDS IGI record (no source information available) gives her maiden name as Henry, b. 1807 at Young Twp, Indiana PA, daughter of Robert and Martha (McKesson) Henry, m. Robert Henderson in 1832. Henry, Martha (I10762)
235 'History of Montville CT' lists her father as Stephen Hurlbut. 'Hurlbut Genealogy' by Henry Hurlbut (1888) lists her as the daughter of Samuel and Mary (___) Hurlbut, but says she married Joshua BATES - and gives a list of her children which is a

duplicate of the children of Joshua BAKER and Miriam Hurlbut in the 'History of Montville'. The copy of the 'Hurlbut Genealogy' at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul had BATES crossed out (in pencil) and BAKER written in (in pencil).

Joshua and Marion did name their 2nd son SAMUEL, though they did also name a son Stephen (8th child, 5th son). 
Hurlbut, Marian (I7280)
236 'History of the Fowlers' by Christine Cecelia Fowler (1950) says she married William Adancourt but this is probably incorrect. Unknown when the father Isaac Fowler was born, though it would have had to have been by or around 1720 to be the father of the Maria who married William Adancourt (Maria/Mary 'Adancourt' was born about 1740), and several family tree files at, though unsourced, show Isaac as born about 1757, which would make it impossible for him to have been the father. This doesn't mean Isaac and Mary didn't have a daughter named Maria though and I have left it in this family tree. Fowler, Maria (I18688)
237 'History of the Fowlers' by Christine Fowler says some believe her maiden name may have been HORTON (pg. 360). (Fowler), // (I3410)
238 'History of Van Buren MI' by Rowlands lists five children of Oliver and Nora, though the book was published in 1912 before a couple of the children were born. Adams, Oliver Martimer (I8489)
239 'Hitchcock genealogy' doesn't give Elizabeth's death date or location (that I could find anyway), but she outlived husband Luke and did marry William Warriner of Springfield and both of her sons resided in Springfield. Death date given here from

LDS IGI and also listed in Hale, House & Related by Jacobus & Waterman. 
Gibbons, Elizabeth (I5847)
240 'Hudson-Mohawk Genealogicla and Family Memoirs' by Cuyler Reynolds lists birth year about 1621 in England. He was married 1st to Martha Joanna Winthrop, d/o Henry and Elizabeth (Fones) Winthrop and granddaughter of John Winthrop. They had two

children. He married 2nd) Mary Hoyt abt 1654 and they had eight children. 
Lyon, Thomas (I3428)
241 'Hurlbut Genealogy' gives same marriage date but 1703 as year.
Family F4888
242 'Illinois County Marriages, 1810-1934' database (at lists the marriage of a William H. Dean, son of William and Emma (Howard) Dean, to May Lafever, daughter of John F. and M.F. (Robinson) Lafever, on 11 Apr 1894 in Henderson Co IL. William listed as 26 years old (est. b. 1868) at Freemont IL (Freemont is possibly a typo for "Tremont" IL); May is listed as 22 years old (est. b. 1872) at Lancaster Co PA. Dean, William (I17224)
243 'Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947' ( is the source of exact birth and death dates. Buckley, Frederick R. (I16691)
244 'Illinois Marriage Index, 1860-1920' ( - just an index and not record images) lists the marriage of a Frank H. Hughes to Margaret J. Naylor on 22 May 1872 at Mcdonough IL. Family F8933
245 'Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916-1950', online at, lists a ROSA PINO, white female, died 31 Oct 1920 at Chicago - age not given, certificate #6029509
Sata, Rose (I11514)
246 'Illinois Statewide Death Index, Pre-1916' lists the death of Isidoro M. Junquera on 25 Jun 1892 at age 6m 22d. Though this online death record doesn't name his parents they are presumed to be Isadors and Mary (Stearns) Junquera. The childs name a clue to his parents, he was born 12 months after their marriage. The 1900 census lists mother Mary as the mother of 2 children, 1 still living, and daughter Myrtle is listed with her (Mary was also a widow by 1900).

Birth certificate gives his full name as "Isadoro Manuel Hall Junguera"; father Isodoro from Spain; mother Mary Alice Stearns born Whitewater WI. 
Junquera, Isidoro Manuel Hall (I17587)
247 'Iowa Cemetery Records' Fisher, Carrie W. (I10825)
248 'Iowa County Marriages, 1838-1934' ( lists the marriage of a Francis McGee to Melvina Wilgers on 27 Nov 1882 at Ft. Dodge, Webster IA. McGee, Francis (I23888)
249 'Ives Genealogy' lists John after Noah as son of Noah and Abigail:

"JOHN (possibly), who was father of descendants credited to Noah."

No dates are listed and no additional info about John except the addenda of the book says children listed for Noah and Anna Ives are neither Noah's or John's, but of Abel and Betsey (Burke) Ives. John is not listed as child of Noah and Abigail in 'Families of Ancient New Haven', Donald Lines Jacobus. 
Ives, John (I9291)
250 'Jefferson, New Hampshire Gravestone Inscriptions' by E.D. Harris gives death year as 1846 at age 66 (birth year 1780). gives death year at 1848, and a veteran of the War of 1812. Hicks, John (I9502)

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