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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Matches 17,401 to 17,418 of 17,418

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17401 Wrightstown Monthly Meeting Men's Minutes: 2-3-1790 Phineas Buckman requests certificate to the Falls Monthly Meeting in order to proceed in marriage with Susannah Leedom.

Members list of Baltimore MM at Stony Run MD 1807-1830
Phineas Buckman
Susanna Buckman
Children: Ruth Buckman - married to Horatio Hudson
Letitia Buckman
Grace Buckman
Tacy Buckman - married 22nd of 12 mo 1816 to Wm Hartley

An earlier members list, 1804-1808, names another child, Samuel Buckman.

Phineas Buckman was disowned by Baltimore MM at a meeting held 10th 10mo, 1810 for marrying out of unity. 
Buckman, Phineas (I2572)
17402 WWI Draft Registration card dated 1 Jun 1917 gives birthdate as 18 Jun 1893 in South Haven, Van Buren MI, single, medium height and build, blue eyes and brown hair. WWII Draft Registration card lists him as age 48, born South Haven MI, married to "Bessie". Rice, Clarence LeRoy (I12181)
17403 WWI Draft registration card describes Roy as medium height, slender build, gray eyes and dark hair, single at the time he registered on 5 Jun 1917. Carnathan, Roy Edmund (I7054)
17404 WWI draft registration card gives his birth date as 7 Aug 1884 and middle name as August. Medium height and build, hair and eye color not readable. Warman, Fred (I21185)
17405 WWI Draft Registration Card lists him as "Verne", tall with medium build, dark blue eyes and brown hair. Warman, Vernon Henry (I21191)
17406 WWI Draft Registration Card lists him as living in Boise ID in 1916 (card itself not dated but lists Henry as 24 years old) with his wife and parents. Henry a shoemaker, self-employed at the Boise Shoe Hospital. Physical description: tall, slender, brown eyes and hair. 'Idaho Marriages, 1842-1996' gives his wifes name and their marriage date. Moore, Henry Milo (I15208)
17407 WWII Army Enlistment Record, dated 22 Mar 1941, lists him as Burton D. Gotham, enlisted at Cleveland OH. No date or place is given but the 'U.S. Rosters of World War II Dead' database at lists "Gotham Burton D." in the records. An obit from the Medina County Gazette posted at notes that he died on 17 May 1943 of myocardis and bronchial pneumonia, illness possibly the result of wounds received at the North African Front. An article from the same paper dated 15 May 1945 confirmed he was "killed" in the North African invasion on 17 May 1943.

'U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946' lists "Burton D. Gotham" b. 1915, resided Cleveland, Cuyahoga OH, enlisted 22 Mar 1941, single, height 72", weight 171 pounds. 
Gotham, Delano Burton (I17006)
17408 Yale genealogy says she was the daughter of "Rhys ap Tudor, (or Tewdwr", Fenwick genealogy says daughter of "Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Tudor Mawr". Brian Tompsett's Royal database gives her father as "Rhys ap Twedwr Mawr" (Mawr means "Great"). Tudor, Nesta (I15686)
17409 Yarnall, Susanna - b. 28-02m-1833, d. 07-01m-1901 Susanna Hood Williamson d/o Azariah Williamson; presumed but not proven to be the burial record of the wife of Isaac Yarnall
- burial records of Newtown Square Friends Burial Ground online at RootsWeb, Source: Compiled by Linford H. Yarnall, from records of Newtown Square Friends Meeting, 5th Month, 1999

Williamson, Susanna (I15605)
17410 Youngest daughter of King Ethelred "The Unready". Elgyne (I21997)
17411 Youngest daughter of Thomas and Phoebe Lancaster. Lancaster, Elizabeth (I5169)
17412 Youngest son of Joshua Ely and Elizabeth Bell. Ely, Hugh (I18814)
17413 Zara's MI death certificate gives his birth date as 25 Jan 1822 NY, died 26 Dec 1903 at Pipestone Twp, Berrien MI - age at death 81y 11m 1d - and he was buried at "Pipestone Cemetery No. 1". His parents are named as Fairbanks and Aseneth (Goodenough) Moore in this record - informant was A. Conklin (relationship to Zara not known at present). Zara's middle name is given as Warner by some researchers, Warren by others.

His birth place, other than state of NY, isn't given in the record but it was probably Ontario or Monroe Co NY - assuming his father Fairbanks is the Fairbanks Moore Jr listed at Canandaigua, Ontario NY in 1820 and at Penfield, Monroe NY in 1830 (Penfield just east of Rochester NY and this part of Monroe Co formed from Ontario Co in 1821). He married Lucy A. Lake, daughter of Wells and Harriet (Sabin) Lake of Farmington, Ontario NY, sometime before 1846 and they moved to Pipestone MI between 1853 and 1855. Zara served in Co. B of the 12th Regiment, Michigan Infantry in the Civil War and applied for a disability pension in May 1872 (Cert. No. 128402).

Lucy (Lake) Moore died 23 Apr 1884 and is buried at Shanghai Cemetery in Pipestone, as are several of Zara and Lucy's adult children, and probably some who died young and were born and died between census records. The Moore obelisk is in the front of the cemetery, southern section, and has a flag marking Zara's military service. Zara's death certificate says he was buried at "Pipestone Cemetery No. 1" - possibly the older name of Shanghai Cemetery? If Zara is buried there his marker is either not there or is unreadable. Three sides of the obelisk are inscribed with Lucy and some children, the fourth side, facing west, which has "MOORE" inscribed at the bottom looks completely worn away above it (if it had anything on it). The north side of the obelisk lists "Phebe M. died Oct. 14, 1959 aged 4 Mo. 9 D's", below that "Samuel & Ella died Sept. 17 & 19, 1864; aged 1Yr, 4 Mo, 7 & 9 D." - apparently twins. The east side has "Sally M. died Sept 2, 1872; aged 11 Yr 4 Mo 6 D, dau. of Zara & Lucy A. MOORE". The south side lists "Lucy A. wife of Zara W. Moore died April 24, 1884, aged 59 Y's & 13 D's" (could say "18 D's"). Lucy's death record, online through Michigan's 'Genealogical Death Indexing System', gives Lucy's death date as 23 AUG 1884. 
Moore, Zara W. (I8610)
17414 Zeb and Rebecca had 5 children - listed in Gotham genealogy Family F6381
17415 Zenas and Florella had seven children. Listed with his parents at Guernsey, Platte WY in 1920 census - three children from that census. Kinch, Zenas Walter (I9375)
17416 «b» Jeremiah«/b» Ellis - Haverford, Written May 7, 1773; Proved May 28, 1783
To son Thomas £20. To son Jesse 103 acres and 50 perches of land part of my plantation in Haverford between lands of John Davis and William Lewis. To 2 sons David and Jonathan all remainder of plantation, including dwelling house, etc. Remainder to 3 sons, David, Jesse and Jonathan Executors: Son David, Friend Lewis Davis. Letters to Davis, the other renouncing. Wit: Isaac Pearson, Joseph Pearson, Samuel Ash.
The Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1778-1800
Ellis, Jeremiah (I15205)
17417 «b»Thomas Ellis - «/b»yeoman, Haverford. Written 26 Mar 1781; Proved 25 Dec 25, 1797
Wife Sarah, daughters Hester and Mary (minors), sons Isaac and Amos under ten years, sons David, Jonathan and Thomas to be apprentices. Estate to be equally divided. Exrs: Friend John Price and sd. wife. Wife Sarah Ellis then deceased. Wits: Jacob Bury and Jacob Humphreys. #118.
Abstracts of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Wills, 1789-1835
Ellis, Thomas (I6904)
17418 «i»Pulaski County, Virginia Marriages, 1851-1900«/i». County court records located in Pulaski, Virginia or Family History Library microfilm #33401. -
Family F4616

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