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Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Matches 151 to 200 of 17,418

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151 "Settled in Thornbury Twp., Chester Co PA. William married his cousin Sarah Hoopes, whereby he got into trouble with the Meeting. They had one son, Abraham, who married Esther James and died in February 1807 leaving no issue."

Made acknowledgment for marrying by a magistrate which was accepted on 31 Oct 1757. - The Hoopes Family Record by Gerald R. Fuller, p. 72 
Williamson, William (I1064)
152 "Sharlet", age 32, b. NY, father from Wurttemburg, mother from Baden Warman, Charlotte (I3957)
153 "Sir Hugh de Pierrepont, A.D. 980, lord of "the Castle of Pierrepont in the south confines of Picardy, and diocese of Laon,", a branch of the Pierreponts who were lords of Castle Pierrepont, two leagues from S. Saveur, Normandy, whence they derived their name... The place derived its name from a stone bridge, with which Charlemagne supplied the place of a ferry". Pierrepont, Hugh de (I18559)
154 "Sister of Robert Manfield Clerk, buried in the Church of Barmston, as appears from her will, proved 1 Mar 1441". Clerk, Matilda (I22624)
155 "Slain in Lord Russell's fight." Chapin, Josiah (I9910)
156 "Sophia" age 22 b. NY Warman, Charlotte (I3957)
157 "Strongbow". Clare, Richard de (I22537)
158 "Supposedly bapt. at Badby, Northants, England, 26 Feb 1608". Root, John (I20882)
159 "The births of the children of Ephraim and Margaret Chapin--

1. David Chapin, b. Oct. 19th, 1706.

2. Ephraim Chapin, b. July 16th, 1710.

3. Henry Chapin, b. March 24, 1709.

4. Eliza, b. Sept. 1716; d. March 24th, 1717." 
Chapin, Ephraim (I9915)
160 "The births of the children of Samuel and Deborah Read--

1. Mary Read, b. Aug. 11th, 1694.

2. Deborah Read, b. Jan. 25th, 1695.

3. Hopestill Read, b. Feb. 28th, 1698." 
Chapin, Deborah (I9916)
161 "The births of the children of Seth and Bethiah Chapin--

1. Seth Chapin, b. in Medfield, July 2d, 1692.

2. Bethiah Chapin, b. Feb. 16th, 1693.

3. Josiah Chapin, b. March 1st, 1695-96.

4. John Chapin, b. May 13th, 1698.

5. Mary Chapin, b. April 30th, 1700.

6. Samuel Chapin, b. June 2d, 1702.

7. Deborah Chapin, b. June 14th, 1704.

8. Hopestill Chapin, b. Nov. 27th, 1705.

9. Joseph Chapin, b. March 6th, 1707.

10. Abigail Chapin, b. June 10th, 1710.

11. Lydia Chapin, b. Feb. 2d, 1712.

12. Benjamin Chapin, b. April 6th, 1713.

13. Ebenezer Chapin, b. Dec. 23d, 1714.

14. Japheth Chapin, b. Feb. 24th, 1716.

Sarah Chapin, daughter of Seth Chapin and Abigail, his wife, was b. July 3d, 1715."

- not sure what this last entry for Sarah, un-numbered, means. Did Seth remarry?

Chapin, Seth (I9912)
162 "The children of Daniel and Lydia Taft--

1. Abigail Taft, b. Sept. 14, 1707.

2. Josiah Taft, b. April 2, 1709.

3. David, b. April 19, 1711.

4. Lydia, b. April 13, 1713.

5. Daniel, b. Dec. 15, 1715.

6. Ephraim, b. May 25, 1718." 
Chapin, Lydia (I9917)
163 "The children of Ebenezer and Sarah Read--

1. John Read, b. Aug. 3, 1707.

2. David, b. Aug. 19, 1709.

3. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 27, 1711.

4. Lydia, b. May, 1706.

5. Hannah, b. March 19, 1714.

6. Abigail, b. March 15, 1716-17." 
Chapin, Sarah (I9918)
164 "The children of John and Hannah Holbrook--

1. Thomas Holbrook, b. March 15, 1706.

2. Hannah, b. May 4, 1709.

3. Lydia, b. April 22, 1711.

4. Josiah, b. Jan. 17, 1714.

5. Moses, b. April 23, 1717.

6. John, b. Sept. 23, 1721." 
Chapin, Hannah (I9920)
165 "The Descendants of Roger Chandler" by Charles H. Chandler (1949)
Family F1877
166 "The Descendants of Roger Chandler" by Charles H. Chandler (1949)
Family F1875
167 "The Descendants of Roger Chandler" by Charles H. Chandler (1949)
Family F1874
168 "The Descendants of Roger Chandler" by Charles H. Chandler (1949)
Family F1873
169 "The Descendants of Roger Chandler" by Charles H. Chandler (1949) source of dates and children's names. Brown, Eleazer (I5430)
170 "The earliest records of the Titus family date back to a Silus Titus who was born in England in 1570 and died there on Nov. 24, 1637. John Alva Titus, in his book Saga of Two North American Families: Andrews - Titus, reports that Silias (or Silas) claimed to have been descended from the Emperor Titus, who commanded the Roman forces at Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Silius' son's name was also Silius. He was either born in Huntingdonshire or settled there in the seventeenth century and married Constancia Colly (Cally?), who died in 1667 and was buried at Bushey."
Information on Silas and Jane Newdyke is from a World Family Tree CD file and I haven't contacted the submitter for the source of that info. I have been told that there is a book of genealogies on Long Island families ('Titus-Capron and Related Families'((?) )that contained this information (but have not actually seen it). LDS IGI lists a marriage date of Silas to Constantia in 1621, which could certainly mean Constantia was his 2nd wife, but it also has an entry for Silus and Constantia marrying in 1599 and no listing of a marriage to Jane Newdyke. If Constantia died in 1667 (well after husband Silas), and Silas had married twice, Constantia could have been his second wife and a first wife would have been the mother of the emigrant Robert Titus.
Other sources of Titus information, none of which cover the emigrant Robert's English ancestry though, are (all from the 'New York Genealogical and Biographical Record'):

'The Titus Family in Amierica - Three Generations' by Rev. Anson Titus, Jr. - Vol.12, Apr 1881, pgs. 92-99. was later reprinted in booklet form with additions and corrections by E.B. Comstock;

'Titus Family - Corrections and Additions' by Edmund D. Titus - Vol.51, Jan 1920, pgs. 74-82;

'Titus Family Notes', editorial comment by John R. Totten - Vol.52, Jan 1921, pgs. 32-36;

'Edmund Titus of Westbury, L.I., and Some of His Descendants' contributed by Mrs. William Johnson , Vol.77, Jul 1946, pgs. 97-106.

Titus, Silas (I416)
171 "The Patriot".

Otis, James (1725-83), American colonial leader, born on February 5, 1725, in West Barnstable, Massachusetts, and educated at Harvard College (now Harvard University). He entered the legal profession in Boston in 1748 and served as advocate general of the Boston vice-admiralty court from 1756 to 1761. He resigned from that office to appear as counsel for the merchants of Boston, in opposition to the issuance of writs of assistance enabling the royal customs collectors to search the establishments of merchants suspected of possessing contraband and thereby violating the Molasses Act of 1733. In a famous address to the court, in February 1761, Otis declared that any act passed by Parliament contrary to the natural rights of the American colonists was invalid. Although he failed to prevent the issuance of the writs, he was recognized thereafter as the leader of radical colonial opponents to British measures.

Otis was elected to the Massachusetts General Court (legislature) in 1761 and three years later became the head of the Massachusetts branch of the Committees of Correspondence. In 1764 he also prepared a cogent plea for free speech and against taxation by Parliament: The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proven. Otis's ideas were incorporated into the documents of the Stamp Act Congress in 1765. Otis also condemned the Townshend Acts of 1767 as driving the colonists to revolt. In 1769 he was physically attacked by a conservative customs collector who opposed his published statements; his injuries left him mentally incapacitated and compelled him to withdraw from public life. He died in Andover, Massachusetts, on May 23, 1783.

"Otis, James," Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. c 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 
Otis, James (I6485)
172 "Twedwr" or "Twedr". Ancestor of the Tudor family through his son Gruffydd ap Rhys. Tudor, Rhys ap (I15687)
173 "Winter 1695" Barnes, Elizabeth (I8186)
174 "Wm" age 3 in 1856, "Wm" age 8 in 1860. Tabor, William (I16952)
175 'A History of Van Buren County Michigan' gives marriage date as 26 Mar 1869 but that is probably in error - or a mistranscription.
Family F5686
176 'An American Family: Botsford-Marble Ancestral Lines' by Donald Lines Jacobus does not continue with Samuel's descendants. List of chilren is from 'Families of Early Milford, Connecticut' compiled by Susan Woodruff Abbott (1979).
Botsford, Samuel (I16526)
177 'Atwater History and Genealogy, Volume II' by Francis Atwater (published 1907) gives his name as Thomas, 'Ancestry of Lawrence Williams' by Cornelia Williams (1915) gives his name as JOHN and gives baptism date and marriage date (I don't know which is correct but will use 'John' here - possibly more recent information has cleared this up). John and Susan's three children, Joshua, David and Ann, arrived in Boston 26 Jun 1637. Ancestry of John Atwater listed here is from 'Ancestry of Lawrence Williams' by Cornelia Williams.

He was junior warden of the Lenham church 1622, 1623; senior or rector's warden 1624, 1625. Administration was granted on his estate 29 Nov 1636. 
Atwater, John (I8171)
178 'Baldwin Genealogy' by Charles Candee Baldwin, M.A. (1881) mistakenly gives the marriage date as 5 Mar 1645 (typo). Family F3568
179 'Baldwin Genealogy' writes that he was no doubt related to the other Baldwins who came from Buckinghamshire ENG to Milford CT but the connection isn't known. He was possibly the John who witnessed the will of Sylvester Baldwin who died on the ship Martin in 1638. Baldwin, John (I20562)
180 'Blanchard Notes' in a 1905 article in the Essex Antiquarian says she was not the daughter of Joseph Hill. Hills (I20643)
181 'Boardman Genealogy, 1525-1895 ...' says b. about 1623, married probably 1641/2. Betts, Mary (I20931)
182 'Bullard & Allied Families' says Hannah possibly a daughter of James Atherton. Atherton, Hannah (I6246)
183 'California Death Index, 1940-1997' (transcription at lists a Frank Branting Gotham b. 9 Nov 1898 UT, d. 25 Nov 1957 Los Angeles CA. Father's name "Gotham", mother's name "Dearing". Frank appears to have not married. Gotham, Frank Branting (I24807)
184 'California Death Index, 1940-1997' gives her birthdate as 10 Jan 1887 in MI, death date 5 Feb 1945 in Los Angeles. Her name recorded as Ruth Marie Schroeder. Van Wagenen's Stearns genealogy gives her birth place as Topley MI - unknown where in MI that is/was. Stearns, Ruth Marie (I2941)
185 'California Death Index, 1940-1997' is the source of birth and death dates. Birth place listed as "Other Country", father's surname ALLOTT, mother's maiden name SHARP. Allott, Minnie (I2944)
186 'California Death Index, 1940-1997' is the source of information about Lou, who may also have been known as Lulu (census records and this death index record list her as "Lou" or "Lon"). Daughter of ___ Woodruff (or Woodroff) and ____ Vanwormer. In the 1930 census Lou said her parents were from OH. Woodruff, Lou May (I16926)
187 'Cemetery Inscriptions of Rutland Co.' Listed as a child of "Samuel and Delana (?)".
Fairfield, Samuel (I13887)
188 'Charles went west' is all that is written about him in the 1905 Cushing genealogy. A Charles Cushing is listed as residing in 'Lansingburg', Renssalear NY in the 1820 census index. Unknown whether it is the same Charles in Lansingburgh except that others from his family, brother Alvin Duncan Cushing in particular, moved to Troy/Lansingburgh also. The bible records of Utarpi Ann (Cushing) Baldwin, d/o Charles' brother Jason, says Charles lived at Onieda Co NY and had a son who lived in IN. Cushing, Charles (I629)
189 'Colonial Families in the U.S.' - son of Arthur HOWELL and Hannah RAYNOR. A Hannah (Raynor) Howell, widow, married Job SAYRE who was Elisha's wife's uncle. Probably the same same Hannah Raynor Howell, and I've made that connection here, but the

book doesn't state that. 
Howell, Elisha (I8319)
190 'Connecticut Marriages to 1800':
Third Book, New Milford, New Haven Second Church, page 118

Moved to Jerusalem, Yates NY in 1797. All three children born at Warrington, Litchfield CT. The two daughters never married and were members of the Society of Friends. 
Family F3735
191 'Cutler Memorial ...' gives her maiden name as "Vernham". Death record (transcription) gives the name of her father as "August Wassman". Neither of these are correct. Obit of sister Charlotte (Warman, Linsenmeyer) Owen in Sep 1929 states Charlotte was aunt of Fred Cutler who was one time mayor of Benton Harbor. Louisa was Fred Cutler's mother so Louisa and Charlotte would be sisters. Charlotte was the daughter of Frederick and Sophronia Warman.

Louisa is listed in 1860 at Watervliet, Berrien MI as Louisa "Wellman", age 16 b. GER, "domestic" working for William and Sally McKay family.

The 1910 census shows Louisa age 66, b. abt 1844 GER, the mother of 5 children all still living, living with son Philip. Year of emigration given as 1856 which might be a few years later than actual. Records of brothers Frederick b. 1850 and Philip b. 1854 show them born in Monroe Co NY. 
Warman, Louisa S. (I21223)
192 'Cutler Memorial' lists "A daughter, b. in 1885" - but she isn't named in the book. Green, Edith P. (I8584)
193 'Descendants of Thomas Bryant'
Family F4686
194 'Early Families of New England' (see source citation) notes that this Deborah is probably the same Deborah who was born abt 1650, but 'History of Hingham' gives her birth as 1661. Johnson, Deborah (I2216)
195 'Early Griggs Families of Massachusetts' by H. Minot Pitman in the NEHGR Vol. 123, pg. 171 (Jul 1969) states "there is no actual proof that Mary, wife of Thomas Stowe, was the daughter of Thomas Griggs, but from her age and residence it is a fair assumption". Possibly daughter of Thomas and Mary (___) Griggs of Roxbury MA. Griggs, Mary (I15080)
196 'Early Marriages: LaPorte County IL' (online) lists the marriage of an "Edwin Gotham" and "Mary Ann R. Dean" on 29 Oct 1855 (Book C). Death record of son Amos in CA gives his mother's name as "Rockfield". Family F6314
197 'Early Probate Records of New Haven' (NEHGR Vol 81, pg 123 (Jan 1927)):
"Martha Davis, widow. Will made Aug. 20, 1662. Bequeaths to son Wm. Russell, who is made executor, to daughter Sarah Russell, to grandson Noadiah Russell "threescore pounds for bringing him up in learning," to granddaughter Anna Russell, to sister Priscilla Richards and her daughter Mary Richards, to sister Anna Nichols, to brother Barnabas Davis, to Elizabeth Mitchell and her daughter Elizabeth, to Abigail and Sarah Glover, to cousin Esban Wakeman and his sister Hannah, to cousin Thos. Richards, to Samuel and Rebeckah Bristow, the children of Henry Bristow, and to John Jackson. John Gibbs and Henry Glover appointed overseers. Witnesses: Elam Glover and Elizabeth Mitchell.
Inventory, taken Dec 29, 1663, by John Nash and Thos. Kimberly, L.171:11:04:"
Wakeman, Martha (I9984)
198 'Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and His Descendants' by John Cortland Crandall (1949) does not give her maiden name but it was Morrill according to Gotham researcher Charles Gotham.

Daughter of Ephraim Morrill. She was married first to Caleb Rix, 2nd to Amos Crandall and 3rd to Artimas Gotham. 'Crandall' genealogy gives age at marriage to Artimas as 78, born Guilford VT father's name Ephraim "but no surname mentioned". 
Morrill, Elizabeth (I9507)
199 'English Ancestry of Nathaniel Heaton of Boston, Massachusetts, and His Nephew James Heaton of New Haven, Connecticut' by Dean Crawford Smith & Douglas Richardson (NEHGS Register Volume 152:430-452 (Oct 1998)) says James was not the son of Nathaniel Heaton but of James and Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton of Limber Magna, Lincolnshire ENG. All information here on James Heaton's ancestry is from a RootsWeb WorldConnect database belonging to Dawn Johnson (dated Apr 2002) which cites the above article as source of information. Heaton, James (I8236)
200 'Fairfield Genealogy' says Priscilla who married Nathaniel Fairfield was 'probably' his daughter - "probably daughter of Daniel Wilkins schoolmaster at Sutton". 'The Family of Bray Wilkins' by William Carroll Hill (1943) lists a Daniel Wilkins of Middleton MA with daughter Priscilla bp. 2 May 1731 but lists Priscilla as m. 21 May 1750 David Kinney of Middleton (and not Nathaniel Fairfield) and says nothing about Daniel as schoolmaster in Sutton - he is listed as 'husbandman' and 'resided Middleton'. One or the other book is incorrect: either the Wilkins genealogy lists the wrong husband for Priscilla, or the Fairfield genealogy gives Priscilla the wrong father (the mother of Daniel Wilkins was Priscilla (Baxter) Wilkins - perhaps he had a brother who had a daughter named Priscilla also?). The LDS IGI also has information that Priscilla Wilkins bp. 2 May 1731 d/o Daniel and Mary (Hutchinson) Wilkins m. David Kinney.

(The ancestry of Priscilla Wilkins bp. 2 May 1731 to Bray Wilkins given in the Bray genealogy listed in 'Research Notes') 
Wilkins, Daniel (I5470)

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