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We now have three genealogy files on this site: our main database which is a combined ‘Ives-Leedom’ tree, plus two additional working trees with so-far unconnected people I've found along the way, ‘Leedoms-unknown’ and ‘Netherlands-unknown’. All of the Search results will identify which tree contains the individual or place in question.

Different sources sometimes have conflicting information and there are undoubtedly a few typographical errors in here as well. Please feel free to send us any corrections to errors you may find in our files. Additions are always welcome too!

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Matches 101 to 150 of 17,418

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101 "Lost in Garrett's ship". Davis, John (I9985)
102 "m. A.W. Mahan, of Lexington, Ill.; d. 1893, leaving no chn." Edwards, Electa (I13881)
103 "m. Charles Bell, Dayton O. Was left a widow, with three chn., two sons, who d. early. She m. (2) Augustus Wolf, and have one dau." Edwards, Aurelia (I13880)
104 "Married, it is said, in 1252".
Family F7538
105 "Miciah Fairfield" of Ottawa IL enlisted as a Lieutenant 2nd Class on 08 July 1862. Commission in Company Ford's, Indpt Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 08 July 1862. Transferred Company Ford's, Indpt Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 25 December 1862. Transfered in Company L, 15th Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 25 December 1862. Promoted to Full Major on 22 April 1863 effective 22 April 1863 (As of 1st AL Cav). Discharged for promotion Company L, 15th Cavalry Regiment Illinois on 22 April 1863. Commission in Company S, 1st Cavalry Regiment Alabama on 22 April 1863 - from American Civil War Soldiers database at Another record names him as Michael F. Fairfield.

Fairfield, Maj. Micaiah Franklin (I14461)
106 "My grandfather was a weaver of cloth and followed his trade until he was 56 years old, when he set out for Ohio in the year 1832. They came in a one horse covered wagon. Grandfather and Grandmother & the two girls riding & Hugh & my father walking & leading a cow. Grandfather entered a quarter Section of land in Ripley Tp. Holmes Co. built a small cabin and a small building where he again set up a loom for weaving cloth. The first religious service held in Ripley Tp. was held in this loom, and a little later in the barn. He was a staunch Presbyterian. Grandmother died shortly after their arrival in Ohio and he quickly followed her at the age of 60, having spent but four short years in his new home. He was a man of strong religious convictions & of the Presbyterian faith. His will divided the Quarter Section between his two sons Hugh & my father the girls receiving money. My father at that time being only 16 yrs. old." - grandson James Torbet in 1923

There are three Torbets listed on the same page of the 1810 census of Fawn, York Co PA, David, Robert and Andrew.

David wrote his will on 9 Aug 1838 describing himself as "of Ripley Township, Holmes county Ohio". He named his eldest daughter Jean Torbet, his youngest daughter Ellen Torbet and his youngest son Robert Allen Torbet. James Parsons and his son Robert Allen Torbet, when he attained the age of twenty-three years, were named as Executors. David did not name his eldest son Hugh at all.

David's son Hugh stated in the 1880 census of De Kalb Co MO that his father had been born in Ireland. 
Torbet, David (I24127)
107 "Natural" son of Richard I, Duke of Normandy (the "Fearless"), by an unnamed wife or concubine. Created Count d'Eu and de Brione by Duke Richard II in 996. Geoffrey Count d'Eu and de Brione (I22791)
108 "Nellie" was married previously and had possibly seven children from that first marriage. The 1910 census lists her as the mother of 14 children, 8 still living in 1910. She was the daughter of Frank A. and Ellen J. (McCarthy) Klemm - Frank b. Saxony and Ellen b. Ireland (note from descendant David McKay in May 2010). Klemm, Ellen (I14790)
109 "of Cambridge" (History of Cambridge), though Bond's 'Genealogies of Watertown' says "of Watertown". He moved for Watertown "to Cambridge Farms (Lexington), near Concord line" (Bond). His will was dated 24 Nov 1684 (then residing Cambridge Farms), age 78, and proved 20 Aug 1694. He married 3 times: 1st to Anna (___); 2nd to Mary (___), widow of Thomas King; and 3rd to Phebe Page. Cutler, James (I11228)
110 "of Cevn Amwlch, in Lleyn, Carnarvonshire, who was of the family of Griffiths of Cevn Amwlch." Lloyd, David (I12312)
111 "of Chatham Co, NC". Son of Alexander Underwood (b. abt 1688 Maryland) and Jane ___. Underwood, Samuel (I1859)
112 "Of Concord". Stearns, John (I19808)
113 "Of Dedham and Attleborough". Stearns, John (I19986)
114 "of Dedham, Essex, England" Ravens, William (I19701)
115 "Of Fultonville NY" (from source citation). Listed as a daughter of Joshua and Mary in the Stearns genealogy (Van Wagenen), though there is no other information about her except "of Fultonville". Could she be the Jane Ann Wells who is listed with Joshua Stearns in the 1855 NY State census? That census lists Jane Ann Wells and her two daughters, and lists Joshua Stearns as "father" residing with them - meaning father of Jane Ann. Jane Ann, according to the 1855 and 1860 census records was born abt 1817 at Montgomery Co NY. Stearns, Mary Ann (I2929)
116 "Of Granville Ohio". Son Timothy and ___ (Scott) Huffman. Name also spelled "HOFFMAN". Huffman, Harry G. (I15930)
117 "Of Homer NY" (source citation). Census records show Ephraim born variously in 1830 or 1833.

The 1865 NY state census, page dated 28 Jun 1855, lists Ephraim Stearns, "brother", age 30 (so b. abt. 1833) and b. Montgomery Co NY, a baggage man on the rail road and single, residing at Syracuse, Onandaga NY with Ezra and Eliza Stearns family - Ezra was Ephraim's older brother. Same census, page dated 7 Jun 1865, shows Ephraim "Sterns" age 32, b. Onondaga Co NY, single, baggage master for railroad, "boarding" with Matilda A. Lamberson agd 35 at Homer, Cortland NY. Matilda is listed as the mother of 1, married once and still married.

Listed at Homer, Cortland NY in the 1870 census as age 40 (looks like), a conductor on rail road. Wife Matilda age 39 b. NY, daughter Linnie age 12 and Eliza Lambertron (?) age 64 "at home" (mother-in-law possibly?). Ephraim was listed as "single" in 1865, five years earlier. Was Ephraim Matilda's 2nd husband? Was Linnie a daughter from her previous marriage - since she is age 12 in 1870? - though she is listed as a Stearns.

In 1875 NY state census age 42, conductor on rail road, b. Montgomery Co NY/ Matilda, "wife", age 42, b. Cortland NY; Eliza Lamberson 70 "Mother", b. NJ.

In 1880 at Homer. Ephraim age 50, Matilda age 49, Eliza Lamberson age 75 "boarder". shows burial of Eliza (Letts) Lamberson - b. 1803, d. 1 Jun 1884 - at Galatia Cemetery in Galatia, Cortland NY. Tombstone records her by her maiden name "Letts" and states "wife of James Lamberson. James buried there also, he b. 1800, d. 7 Mar 1870. 
Stearns, Ephraim (I2927)
118 "of Independence (Twp)" Oakland MI is all that is known about her ancestry. She married Alfred Ives on 25 Sep 1850 in Independence and is undoubtedly the mother of George W. Ives b. abt 1852. She and Alfred divorced sometime before 1859 as she married on 6 Jan 1859 at Livonia, Wayne MI as "Mrs. Huldah Ives" to George Smith. NFI about Huldah and George Smith. Lanning, Huldah Ann (I24238)
119 "Of Leicester", Worcester MA when she married Charles Davenport. Several family tree files at name Mary's father as James Hart b. Ireland but nome of the files cite a source for the information.

'Historic Homes & Institutions and Personal Memoirs of Worcester, County, Massachusetts' lists a Ruth Eddy, b. Oxford MA 23 Oct 1733, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bellows) Eddy, who married (intentions dated 10 Jul) 1762 a John Hart of Leicester - though no way to tell from this whether she married John Hart, the possible father of Mary Hart as a possble 2nd marriage for him, or perhaps a son of that John Hart and brother of this Mary. 
Hart, Mary (I16237)
120 "of Leominster"... - p. 17 Prichard, John (I15772)
121 "of Lintelo" in daughter Geesken's marriage record. There are records of the births of four children to a Reijnt and Jenneken te Braeck during the years 1670 to 1681. The Reijnt in these records may be a brother to Geesken who was married in 1685 and therefore seems to be a generation older than the children in the above mentioned records. ter Braeck, Reijndt (I16558)
122 "Of Littleton". Stearns, Thomas (I19985)
123 "of Marple, Delaware Co, " - Swedish Holsteins in America from 1644 to 1892, p. 24

Described as 'deceased' in the will of his son William Moore of Marple which was written 12 Sep 1767.

Settled on the homestead farm in Marple, Delaware Co in 1718.
...The Moore family are of Protestant Episcopal antecedents. Charles Moore, early spoken of in this sketch, was an active member of St. David's Protestant Episcopal Church, of Radnor township (as was also his son, Philip), and a vestry-man. John M. succeeded to the same office in this historic church.
- History of Delaware County by Henry Graham Ashmead, p. 586 
Moore, Charles (I18932)
124 "of Niles MI". The 1850 census gives her birth year and place as 1814 in PA. Liston, Jane R. (I8655)
125 "Of Rutland". Stearns, Benjamin (I19989)
126 "of Trenton, N.J." according to Spencer Genealogy source, p. 94 Davidson, Cornelia (I16983)
127 "of Upper Darby...", Historic Homes and Institutions source, p. 105

"On Sept. 20, 1849, while the services were being held at the funeral of Abram Powell, the miller on Naylor's Run, a man was noticed to deliberately mount a valuable mare and ride away. Those who saw the act, believing that he had been sent on an errand by the family, paid no attention, and it was not mentioned until after the funeral, when inquiries were made respecting the animal. The boldness of the thief secured his escape. A few days before the funeral two horses had been stolen from Joseph Powell, a son of Abram, and he had offered fifty dollars reward for their return. On the day of his father's funeral the horses were brought back, and the son paid the reward, the latter being so overwhelmed with grief and the cares of the day that he asked no questions of the men who returned the horses." - paragraph on crimes in Upper Darby, History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, p551

Named, along with his son Joseph, as executor of Hannah (Bonsall) Hibberd's will written in 1842.

Death year and burial from 1936 WPA cemetery transcription presented online at Delaware County History site. Also listed in Darby MM minutes: Abram Powell Aged 57 died 8mo 19 1849 [listed as '8mo' though it appears he died in Sep]

Death notice in the Public Ledger on 19 Sep 1849
On the 18th inst., Abram Powell in the 59th year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, in Upper Darby, Delaware county. To ???? at the house at 2 o'clock, P.M. on ?? ???, 19th, 9th mo, 1840.

Named in Haverford MM records, a list of the names and birth dates of the children of George and Hannah Powell. 
Powell, Abram (I18045)
128 "of Willistown", Chester PA.
There is a John Steel in the 1820 census of Willistown, aged 26-45, with 1m under 10, 1m 10-16, 2f under 10 and 1f 26-45.

There is also a John Steele of Willistown listed in the index of Chester Co wills and intestate records. He died intestate in 1826 but I have not yet been able to see any records. 
Steele, John (I4200)
129 "of" East Bergholt, Suffolk, England Hedge, Elizabeth (I19694)
130 "Parents died at Groede" according to son Anthoni's 1801 death record. Named as Antoin in son Antoin's 1810 death record. - ISIS du Mez, Anthonie (I4816)
131 "Patrick de Cadurcis", a native of Little Britanny. Chaworth, Patrick de (I22577)
132 "Perhaps" born 13 Dec 1648. Moore, Benjamin (I16345)
133 "Perhaps" brother of Thomas and Walter.. Welles, William (I20356)
134 "Peter de la See or Mare", merchant of Raverser Odd, living in 1338. See, Peter de la (I22645)
135 "Possibly the John Johnson bur. at Ware 6 July 1627".
Johnson, John (I359)
136 "possibly" born Dover. Wilson, Elizabeth (I16469)
137 "Prince of North Wales" Cynfyn, Rhiwallon ap (I15690)
138 "Probably died in infancy". Rymes, William (I12801)
139 "Probably died in the Canada expedition 1690." - ref 73 Judkins, Samuel (I3744)
140 "probably the Deborah who died at Hingham 1 Apr 1669". Johnson, Deborah (I386)
141 "Probably the Widow Prior who was buried 15 May 1635". House, Alice (I20433)
142 "Probably" born at East Bergholt. Ravens, Grace (I19667)
143 "Probably" dead by 1602 as her father left bequest to "Marie Kecke, daughter of my son William Kecke". Tomes, Mary (I20329)
144 "Probably" the daughter of John and Sarah (Brockett) Mansfield. Mansfield, Lydia (I20605)
145 "Probably, but not certainly, the daughter of William and Judith (Phippen) Simonds" - 'Descendants of Roger Chandler'- 1949 (book doesn't say why it says "but not certainly").

Footnote from above book:
John Hayward and Judith Phippen were married on board the 'Planter' from London, upon which they had embarked Mar. 22, 1633, as servants of Nicholas Davis. He died at Woburn Nov. 20, 1642, and she married Jan. 18, 1644, William Simonds. They had twelve children, of whom the third, born Dec. 9, 1647, was Mary. 
Simonds, Mary (I981)
146 "Probaby the Joseph Johnson bur. [at Ware] 30 Mar 1627". Johnson, Joseph (I1924)
147 "Radulphus filus Johannis Alyn", and named as "Raffe" in the will of his brother William. Allen, Ralph (I10005)
148 "Samuel Lewis, son of John, of Radnor, married 2, 7, 1759, Catherine Richards, daughter of Samuel of Tredyffrin." - History of Chester County, Pennsylvania by John Smith Futhey, Gilbert Cope. p. 634

Settled in Radnor, Chester, Pennsylvania where he and Catherine had nine children: Samuel, Henry, Jacob, Isaac, John, Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth and Beulah. 
Lewis, Samuel (I20762)
149 "Sarah (Holland) Parce" - I'm assuming that means her maiden name was Holland and that she had been previously married to a Parce. Holland, Sarah (I11217)
150 "Settled in the ministry at Charleston S.C. and died in 1690, without issue." Pierpont, Benjamin (I12639)

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