Scott & Kathryn (Leedom) Ives Genealogy
We have been studying our family histories since 1994 or so. Like probably most researchers our efforts were slow going at first - some evenings spent at a local LDS Family History Center looking through microfiches of submitted and extracted records, occasional Saturday afternoons at the Minnesota History Center poring over over family and local history books there. Eventually some of our ancestors started opening up to us a bit, but it wasn't until genealogy on the Internet took off that things really opened up. Being able to find and share information with "live" people who have already researched the families being researched has been a great aid, and in turn we have been able to help others with their research - which is also quite pleasing. Among some interesting finds we discovered we are possibly cousins to each other - the exact relationship is 14th cousins/once removed. We are both descendants of a PEASE family of Great Baddow, Essex England in the late 1400s - Scott a descendant of Robert Pease and Kathryn a descendant of John Pease. Robert and John are believed to be brothers, though definite proof is lacking. Scott discovered his parents are half 8th cousins/2times removed to each other - his father a descendant of William and Hannah (Dickerman) Ives of New Haven CT, his mother a descendant William Bassett and Hannah (Ives), the widow of William Ives. Such discoveries are not unusual among family historians. Our database has close to 22,000 individuals in it at the moment (as of August 2013), this information stored at several locations online in different forms.
The TNG Database is our genealogy information stored here at TNG  is a server-side application created by Darrin Lythgoe called “The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding”. We supply the database file and TNG dynamically creates pages for all the individuals and families in that file - and many types of genealogy reports and charts. To this we have attached documents and photos to many in the file. It also has an option for a visitor, if you have a comment or correction or additional information about an individual or family (which is always appreciated), to leave us a message. Though we have information at other locations (below), TNG is our main site. Click the left button above to access our “TNG Database”. RootsWeb WorldConnect is the same database file but stored at RootsWeb (now owned by - though the RootsWeb part is “free”, it doesn’t require a subscription to We try to keep the database there up to date because it is mirrored in the “Ancestry World Tree” section of which gives us more opportunities to meet and share information with others researching the same families. The “WorldConnect Database” link above will take you directly to OUR database there. Our RootsWeb Homepage was our first genealogy website and it hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but it is still up. Because it’s old doesn’t mean the information there is incorrect, but we have learned a bit more about some/many families since it was last updated.
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Scott’s Genealogy The surnames of my grandparents are Ives, Henderson, Kimball and Pino. The ancestry of many family lines with English roots has been traced back to colonial MA, CT and NY - many came to America during the 'Great Migration' from England in the 1630s. The ancestries of many of these families has been traced back several generations in England, and a few back to medieval times. On my Father's side are ancestors from Ireland, Germany (Baden and Wurttemberg at the time), the Netherlands and Wales as well as England; on my Mother's side are ancestors from Spain, France and Portugal as well as England.
Kathryn’s Genealogy The names of my grandparents are Lubbers, Huenink, Leedom and Crowell. My mother's family is Dutch, both of her parents' families arriving in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area from the Netherlands in the mid 1800s. Two major lines came from the province of Gelderland while another originated in Zeeland. Many of my father's Leedom family were originally Quakers, arriving in the Philadelphia area from Yorkshire, England in the early 1700s. Related families include Bond, Jeanes, Steel and Staats as well as Crowells from Germany who migrated south to Tennessee, marrying into Pulaski Co VA families along the way.
A Couple Genealogy Reports An ahnentafel report is a numbered list of the direct line ancestors of an individual. The number system is basic arithmetic: 1. Source person 2. Source person’s father 3. Source person’s mother 4. Father of father 5. Mother of father 6. Father of mother 7. Mother of mother. The father of an individual in one generation is x2 that of his child, and the mother of that individual is her husband’s number +1 (so males are always even and females always odd). The father of person #6 above would be #12, his wife, the mother of #6, would be #13. If a person’s parents are unknown those numbers are skipped (not used) but the number system continues. The number of ancestors you have doubles every generation back. You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents - then 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 ... (and so on). If you knew the names of all of your ancestors back 20 generations, to your 17th Great-grandparents, you would have the names of over 1,000,000 people (and 20 generations back is about to the 1200s or 1300s (A.D.) for most of us). This also means that just from your 17th great-grandparents forward it took OVER 1,000,000 people to make YOU! Ahnentafel Report for Kathryn deMasters (Leedom) Ives.pdf Ahnentafel Report for Scott Stewart Ives.pdf
Final Notes We have tried to be as accurate as possible in our file but mistakes do happen: typos; different sources may have conflicting information; census records can have wrong information; even vital records can be incorrect. If you find or suspect any errors in our file, or have what the Family Tree Maker genealogy program calls an “alternate fact” about someone, please feel free to contact us with corrections. We accept corrections most graciously (we accept additional info on people and families even more graciously). There are a few instances where we’ve had to take a leap of faith that our judgment is fairly good and connect someone to a family when there are no “records” or family genealogy books to prove it, but you just KNOW they were - a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. When we’ve done this we have provided extensive notes on why we believe something was so. The spelling of names - first and last - is another thing. For consistency sake we have tried to use the most common spelling of a name we found in records, or the spelling as it came down to us in one of our family lines (you wouldn’t believe how many ways the 4 letter surname IVES is spelled in ye old records). Our two genealogies are combined in our database file so it’s possible/probable that if you do have a correction or comment about someone in our file you may not know which of us to address an email to. Just write - we’ll figure out which of us it is for. The TNG Database gives the option to comment on any person in the rightmost tab called “Suggest” at the top of the information about that person - that will also send us an email. Scott & Kathryn (Leedom) Ives
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